Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Tree!

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time has always been going to pick out the best tree! Up in Duluth we would drive way out in the country and pick trees at a farm that were already cut down. I loved this, I don't know if it was more about the tree or the long drive to the tree farm with my family!

Since Brett and I have been married we have modified the tradition a little for our family. Now we drive to Kris Kringle and cut down our own tree!! I love walking around trying to find the 'perfect' tree. I don't know if you will ever find a perfect real tree but I love looking :) Once you cut it down you throw it on the back of a small tractor and they take it and get it ready for you. While they are doing that we get to go back to the cabin and get some warm apple cider and cookies and sit by the bondfire and even take pictures with Santa.

We did not get a tree last year because the time got away from us so this was the first year we did this with Ayden. He had so much fun running around (without a shoe..we left it at home) and watching/helping Brett cut it down. But, I think his favorite part was watching the tractors drive around!

Ayden helped me decorate the christmas tree and he loved looking at all his ornaments! His ornament from his first christmas had animals on it and a baby picture of himself. All his favorite things! He would make all the sounds and constantly say Baby! He also loved the balls on the tree! He was convinced they should be thrown to Jacoby instead of be on the tree. Needless to say the ornaments and balls quickly were moved to the top of the tree! I am still finding them all around his room as well!

On our way to get our tree! Look at Ayden's feet :)

Watching Daddy!

Look at the TRACTOR!!!

Ayden is not so sure about all the fuss with Santa...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Official!

Its a GIRL!!! Bring on the pink!!

We had a great day today! It started with a late start so I got to spend some extra time with Ayden then only had to go to school for 1 1/2 hours and only have one group. When school was over I came home and had a quite lunch. Normally I pick up Ayden right after work but Brett's parents kept him all afternoon so we could go to our appointment without him. It was nice to come home to a quite house! Then we were off to our appointment!

When we got there we went right in to the ultrasound and it was so fun! I think the second time around was even better! I didn't know what to expect when we had Ayden's ultrasound I knew what we were looking at a little more and it was just neat to see her for the first time! I also feel like we got a few better 3D shots of her face. Then we had our appointment! Quick and easy and everything looked good! Still no idea what we were having :)

When I picked up Ayden we went to Kohl's to buy the boy and girl outfit! I couldn't decided on take home outfits so we went with the little brother/little sister onesies. Then we came home and wrapped both gifts. When Brett got home we bundled up and headed out for a family dinner. And it was time to open the envelope :) I got to do it this time because Brett did it last time. Then Brett opened the present to find a onesie that said "Little Sister"! We are all very excited!!!

I really love the way we find out! I really feel like I was able to enjoy the ultrasound and focus on seeing the baby and watching them make sure she was healthy. Then I felt like we were able to celebrate that our baby was a girl and now in May we will be able to celebrate her when she is born!!! I have always said once I have one of each maybe I would not find out ...we will see...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boy or Girl?!?!

Will Ayden have a little Brother or Sister?!?!

We have our ultrasound tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see our baby for the first time and to find out if it will be another boy or if we get to venture into the world of PINK!

We did this a little different with Ayden and we will continue the tradition! We will go to the ultrasound but not have them show us...instead we will have them write it down and we will wait till dinner! Then we are going to go out as a family and find out together.

If you would like I have a poll on the right side of my blog...make your prediction and we will let you know if you are correct tomorrow night!! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indoor Park

Today, I had a doctors appointment so I had to take the morning off. My appointment went very quickly so I had a chance to take Ayden to the Indoor Park at the Rec! Wow! This was so fun!!! I can't believe how much fun he had! The 'park' is set up in the gym and has lots of slides, climbing toys, Little Tikes Playhouse and castle and a blow up jumping castle. The other side has tons of riding toys!!! Its a toddlers dream place in the winter!!! We went with Emily, Madison and Eliott and our friend Ashleigh was there with Denver! They all had so much fun playing together!

The best part was this blow up castle! Ayden and Madi LOVE jumping in their cribs and singing 'No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". They played this for at least 20 mins. Then they found out there was a slide attached and then did the slide for at least another 10 minutes! At one point Madi would find a toy that she was having fun with and yell "Ayden"! I just felt like they were big kids playing together! I can't believe how big my little boy is getting and I love every minute of it!

I wish I had every Tuesday and Thursday morning off so I could take Ayden! After being sick for 2 weeks it was so much fun to be out with friends and watching Ayden play so hard and have so much fun!!!

So, if you have not checked out the Indoor Park at the Rec you NEED to! Its $2.50(for babies 9 month and up) a time and it is every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 2pm. What a FUN morning!!!!


Have you ever used Shutterfly? I love their site especially this time of year! I always use their site to make our Christmas Cards!

The more and more I use the site I love it even more. I just recently started making a photo book for Ayden's first year and it was so easy to get my pictures because you can get pictures from your Facebook account! I know I always put my best pictures up on facebook! Doesn't get any easier than that!!! I am also looking forward to making my first family calendar from our last year!

My plan for this afternoon is to make my Christmas Card and I love that I can pick it up at a local store in no time!!

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas Cards they have this year!!!

Pretty Poinsettia

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Peppermint Gift Wrap

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You might have read this on other blogs already, but in case not: Shutterfly is giving bloggers 50 FREE Christmas Cards from Shutterfly-learn more here...click here.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas Season!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Update on Ayden

Ayden is getting so big and his personality comes out more and more each day! He brings us so much joy and laughter every day! Just yesterday after his bath he played in the bathroom in front of the mirror for 1/2 an hour. He was 'singing' and dancing and trying to jump! I just sat back and laughed!!!

Ayden has really started talking up a storm! Some of the words you hear often are
"nack" for snack
"dr" for drink
"ea" for eat along with the sign language
"elp" for help with sign language
"fball" for football
"baball" for basketball
"Tadown" for touchdown with actions
"Hi" for Hide
"Bobo" for Elmo
"Wa er" for water
What's that!
"Dada" or "Dadee" for Dad
"Bebe" for Binky and once he has his binky it also means blanket
Baby and either points to my tummy or his
"Ti Ti" for tickle

Ayden also is very active! He can run rather quickly now. We went to the Tiger Basketball game on Friday night and during half time I thought I would let him run around well there was a basketball under the hoop and he quickly said ball and was off...by the time I got him he was right under the hoop and it was shoot around for the team... He also loves to climb on the couch. We got him a step stool so he would stop climbing on his toys. This has given him just enough height to get on the couch. We just moved the couch in front of the bay window (I thought he would like to watch the school bus and garbage truck) I didn't think he would like to climb over the couch and make the bay window a stage where he could dance :) He learned this while I was at work while Brett was home getting lunch. I am trying to teach him we don't do that but sometimes its just to funny to say no :)

He loves to play hide and seek. If you run into another room he will run after you to find you. He loves to yell boo! Its so fun for to watch him play hide and seek with his friends! I would say this is his first really game he plays!

He now can eat with a spoon with quite a bit of accuracy and is starting to understand how to use a fork. But when he is done he still picks up either his bowl or plate to slurp the rest. :) Oh he makes me laugh! He also has learned how to follow directions. I sometimes give him a snack in the living room and when he is almost done he will dump out his bowl. I ask him to pick it up and put it in the bowl and he will. It might take 5 minutes but he is following directions he is just not the quickest. I try to make him do it rather than pick it up quickly for him so he will learn. He also has to pick up his plate and cup after dinner if he throws it on the floor.

We all just had a round of the flu. This was the first time he threw up. I had been rather sick and poor Brett was taking care of me and all of a sudden at 11 Ayden wakes up and was screaming then Brett heard a funny noise and more crying. Yep he had what I had. But after he was so hyper Brett had to put him in my room so I could keep an eye on him while I was laying down so Brett could clean the floor. I wish it could go through adults as quickly as it did Ayden. Although he was over the throwing up he was sick for about 2 weeks off and on. I think he is finally feeling better and gets to have some friends over tonight and we are all excited to play with friends again!!

Well I think that is some of Ayden's newest things! He amazes me with what he knows everyday! He is like a sponge and will show me so many new things all the time! I just love watching him learn!!! We are so proud of our little boy!!

Now on for the baby! We are 19 weeks today! I have my ultrasound next Monday! We are very excited to find out what we are having! What do you think? Boy or Girl? Also, today I was at my desk at work and felt the baby moving. I felt my stomach and I could actually feel it from the outside! I don't remember this happening so early with Ayden. I forgot how cool that feeling is!!! I just wish Brett could have felt it. I remember how excited he was when he felt Ayden for the first time!