Monday, November 28, 2011

7 Months!!!

7 months ago today I was laying in my hospital bed holding my daughter for the first time wondering what life would be like raising a girl and how we would juggle two kids.  7 months later I can honestly say we have had some stressful moments but they have also been the best 7 months!  I know I said this in this the last month but I love this stage!!!  I think Ayden and Ahnie are a great age difference and we all are having so much fun!  They make us laugh daily!!

This month Ahnie is trying so hard to move!!!  She is not there yet but I bet by her next monthly post we will have a crawler.  She gets up on all 4's and rocks back and forth so fast I think she is going to fly forward!  She can scoot backwards and turn herself around in a complete circle.  She can roll by from back to belly and from belly to back.  Basically she can get herself all around the living room just not the easy way.

We have tried lots more food this month!  She has tried peas, green beans, broccoli, yogurt, bananas, puffs and Mum Mum's.  Ahnie also tried her sippy cup for the first time this past month.  She is really starting to like eating.  If we put her in her high chair you better have food ready or puffs out!  As soon as she sees the spoon her mouth is open and she will be mad if it's not in her mouth in about 5 seconds.  She usually eats 2 cubes and sometimes 3.

Ahnie's personality is really starting to form!!!  She is very happy and content almost always but she can get mad in about 3 seconds!  She will show you if she is not happy about something!  This month she giggled for the first time!!  Ayden was the first to get her to giggle and the only one that can get her to giggle unless you are tickling her.  She loves when Ayden does peek a boo with her in her high chair and when he wipes out on the floor when they are playing.  Their newest game is after we put them to bed Ayden turns on the lights and talks to her and she moves all around her crib just watching and babbling... I love that sound but not at 9pm!!!  She babbles all the time and even will say dadadada!  She is a daddy's girl! :)

Ahnie is growing out of her 9 months clothes and I just washed up her 12 month things.  She is quickly out growing her infant car seat and is still in size 3 diapers.

Again her schedule has stayed pretty consistent to what it was last year!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walking Tacos

Today, while I was at work I got this text from Jess, Ayden's awesome sitter,

"I just told Ayden we are having walking tacos.  He asked me where the walking tacos were going?"

I just love watching and hearing his language develop!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"I Run Out the Garage!"

So, ever since Ayden went to his first CF Tiger game this year he has loved hiding in his bed room and we have to yell "Here come the tigers!" and he runs out with his football.  At CF games they run out of a garage when they yell here come the tigers.

Well, today after our sitter left Ayden went outside.  I didn't think anything of it because he usually comes right back in.  I went to take care of the dog because he was barking out the back door.  When I came back and looked for Ayden he was gone!  I went outside and started calling his name.  Starting to get a little worried I was walking up the drive way yelling "Ayden!"  Then I hear a voice from the closed garage saying "Yell here come the tigers!"  I went in through the side door to find Ayden in the back of the garage.  He clearly was not coming out until I opened the big door and yelled for him.  So I did...  He started running a little to early and clipped the top of his head and fell backwards!  I went over to see if he was ok and he said "I okay, I think it left a mark" but he could not have been happier that he got to run out of the actual garage!!!

Oh the joys of having BOYS!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Wish I Could Freeze Time!

Wow, today I took Ayden and Ahnie to the park quick before dinner to enjoy this beautiful day!  While Ayden was playing on the horses and Ahnie swinging for the very first time I could not help but think how blessed we are to have two great kids!  I think I could freeze time for a little while!  I love how Ahnie is so happy, content, loves to play and get so excited over the littlest things!  She is such a sweet heart!  And there is Ayden... so curious, loving to ask questions, ALL boy, our little football player, so sweet to his sister, starting to be independent yet still loves his mommy and daddy, pushing the boundaries yet knows when he does something wrong.

I love love love watching my kids grow and learn new things everyday!  I am just loving their ages right now!!!  I need to try to take in all these moments right now because they are both growing too fast!!