Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 Months and Into EVERYTHING!!!

Ayden turned 8 months old on Saturday and is getting quicker at crawling and learning how to get into everything!!! At one moment it is very funny then at the next its like ok I've picked up that ten times today! I just tell myself that each phase goes so quickly I must enjoy them all! Ayden loves paper so I thought I would make a video of him getting his 8 month old sign:

Ayden's firsts this month:

-Now a pro at standing on everything!
-Moves from toy to toy on his feet and around the couch.
-Crawls quickly!
-Goes from crawling to sitting
-Loves to have his friends Jordann and Ellie over everyday!!
-Went on his first trip to Minnesota with just Mom! He did great!
-Sat through his first car buying experience. The dealer told us that our Mini Van should last for a good 16 years...Ayden I guess it will be yours some day ;)
-Says Mama and Dada
-First ER visit! A week ago Sunday Ayden was pulling himself up on the bookshelf in the dinning room while Brett and I were eating and slipped and his forehead broke his fall on the shelf. Luckly no stiches!!
-First time swinging at the park! A new favorite!
-First time cheering on the Panthers in the Sweet Sixteen!!!! Great Season Panthers!!!
-Last but not least we have really seen his personality come out more and more! Ayden is such a determined little boy! It is so fun to watch him discover new things that he can do. As soon as he puts his mind to something he is determined to become a pro at it and not stop if he falls. Ayden learning to stant took about a week and I felt like a terrible mom because he kept falling and hitting his head every time I left the room but now he hardly ever falls and when he does he doesn't hit his head anymore. This is also the case with crawling. He was determined to be able to move around the room. He tried and tried and now it great at it. We have just loved learning more and more about our little guy everyday!

Here our the normal 8 month shots...As you can see it is harder to get him to sit still :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Day to go to the Park!!!

Today was the nicest day we have had so far! On our way home from church our new VAN (I'll post more about that later) said it was 58 degrees! I was very excited and told Ayden he was going to get to go to the park and get to swing for the first time ever!!! Here is a story with pictures! Enjoy!

On our way!!! Look I put my own binky in :)

Best Buddies!!!

The swing is sooooo fun!!! I love to watch Jacoby and look all around at all the other kids and dogs at the park!

Jacoby has been waiting ALL winter for this! To run around the park!!!

Ready to head home!

Home and we are tired!!!! Nothing better than a great day at the park!

Brett is on his mission trip and right before we left for the park we got the text to say that they made it! We miss him very much but we know that what he is doing is also very important so we will have a great week and look forward to the many more trips to the park we can take after Daddy gets home!!!! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Punching Daddy!!!

This is the hardest we have ever heard Ayden laugh!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

12 months boy clothes

So, I was wondering if any of you mamas out there have some warmer 12 month clothes I could barrow. Ayden started slowing down his growing or so I thought so I over looked all those amazing sales! I just went out last night and couldn't find much for warmer 12 month stuff. I think we will be ok with his pants for now but his shirts are starting to get tight and short! If there is anyone that would let me barrow or even buy some stuff till it warms up I would really appreciate it! Let me know! Thanks so much!!! Garage Sales can't start fast enough :)

Love/Hate Relationship

We have a little boy who LOVES his binky! He sleeps very well through the night and if there is a time he would wake up we just go put his binky back in and he gets himself back to sleep! We love it! BUT, this morning at about 5:30 Ayden woke up just fussing a little and Brett had to wake up early for Breakfast Club at the high school so to get a little more sleep he ran in quick to put the binky in. While, he could not find it anywhere! So I got up and was looking... Both of us couldn't find one. This was very frusterating because he had like 3 yesterday! Meanwhile, Ayden's cry is turning into a scream as he is crawling around his crib trying to figure out what his sleepy parents are doing. While finally after I looked under his crib 2 times I thought 3rd times the charm. While behind his crib skirt there was 4 binkys!!!! Needless to say Ayden never went back to sleep.