Monday, November 2, 2009

Discovery Toys

This weekend I decided to become a consultant with Discovery Toys. Discovery Toys is a company that sells high quality educational toys for children ranging in age from birth to school age. I became familiar with the company many years ago when I baby-sat for a consultant. While baby-sitting for her I was able to play with the toys and I noticed how great they were, how much her kids enjoyed them and how much they learned from playing with them. Once I was hired at McKinstry I contacted my friend and she showed me some great toys for first graders. My students loved playing the games I had when they got done with activities, during transitions and during inside recess.

I have really enjoyed staying home with Ayden these past 3 months but I have really wanted something to do that could get me out of the house occasionally. Working with Discovery Toys can give me that as well as allow me to get educational toys for Ayden! I also love that they make toys that promote interactive play between parents and children!

So, for all you mammas, grandmas and teachers I will be hosting a grand opening party in the next couple weeks and I would love for you to come if you would like to see what these toys are! Also, if you know about Discovery Toys and you would like to earn some free toys and help me out you can host your own party! Its a great time to get some holiday shopping done! Or if you live far away and would like to just purchase some toys from me let me know! I would love to help you out any way I can!

Thanks for reading this! I am excited to be able to continue to use my education background, stay home with Ayden and get him some great toys along with showing all of you some great toys!!! :)