Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Williams Hockey Team?!

Okay, lets start this post off by saying No, I don't have a baby in my tummy but we do have a friend that does so I think this is where it stemmed from...

AJ saw my stomach and here is the convo after:

AJ:  You got a baby in there yet mommy?
Me:  No, should I have a baby in there?
AJ:  Yeah, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of them!
Me:  You think we need 8 babies in my tummy?
Me:  Why do we need 8 babies?
AJ:  So we can have our own hockey team!

Well, I don't think this family will be creating our own hockey team any time soon but I guess that is what AJ is hoping for!  I quickly told him thats why we have so many friends and we can invite them over to play hockey!  He was statisfied with that!

Friday, June 22, 2012

"I sorry Mommy"

A few weeks ago I was giving Ahnie a bath and next thing I know AJ was running into the bathroom saying "I sorry mommy!  I so sorry!  Its ok Mommy!"  I didn't know what to think and just asked what happened.  All he could tell me was my angel broke.  He brought me a piece of this:

This is a angel that my grandpa Higgins made for me.  I hold it very dear to my heart because we found it down in his workshop with my name on it when he passed away.  (He gave one to each of the grandchildren when they were confirmed.  I was confirmed later that year)

To Ayden's suprise I was not mad.  It comes in pieces and fits together to look like this.

He had picked it up wrong and it fell apart.  But, this led into a great conversation that we were able to have about how happy I was that he came to me even though he thought I was going to be upset with him.  I told him that it is better to come to me with something that went wrong rather than try to hide it or not tell me about it right away.  I love that inocense of a child and I hope that he can continue with that.  I also hope that I can remember to be calm and understanding later in life when he comes to me with things that are not such an easy fix.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Girls Night...Simply Wonderful!

Dear Ahnie,

Tonight, we had a little mommy/daughter time while the boys were at a baseball game.  It was a wonderful and simple night!  We spent a little time just shopping at Target...I didn't need anything just wanted to get out of the house and look (my favorite thing to do) then we headed home for a quick dinner and took a walk together.  You were getting a little antsy so we stopped at the park!  (One of your favorite places to be!)  While we were at the park I was able to give you my full attention!  It was so fun!!!  I could not get over how big you are!  You are very independent and love to play little tricks on me!  You insist on walking up all the steps by yourself and love to pretend to go down the slide and at the last minute you would run across the platform and giggle so loud! I could listen to that giggle all night!  Finally, you did got down the slides.  Even the big one!  I think you are going to be our dare devil!

You are so sweet these days too!  While at Target we bought you your very first dolly with her very own binky.  You love giving her hugs and kisses and you like to try to put the binky in her mouth.  After a while you end up puttig it in yours instead.

I love these nights where we can spend just the girls!  I hope that we continue to have girls nights as you grow up and spend time together doing things we both love to do!

I love you and love watching you grow up and develop your personality.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012


AJ loved VBS this year!!!  Every afternoon after his nap he would say "Mommy, time to go to VBS!!!"  and would insist on wearing his "lion" shirt no matter how dirty it was...  Thank you to all who helped my little guy have a great time!  I can't wait to see what all he learns when he is in an actual class :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ahnies Hungary Little Caterpillar Party

We celebrated Ahnies first birthday on Friday the night before her actual birthday.  I choose the Hungary Little Caterpillar book as our theme for the party.  Thanks to pinterest I had lots of great ideas to decide from. 

I made a caterpillar cake :)

I couldn't decide on the smash cake so I just made a little round cake and decorated the beautiful butterfly that the caterpillar turned into.

I found how to make a tutu to complete her Birthday Girl outfit!

This was my favorite touch.  I took monthy pictures of Ahnie and put one on each section of the caterpillar to see how Ahnie has grown this year!

Ahnies wonderful grandmas helped me out by setting out all the food!  They were a huge help before the party began until the end!  Thanks so much grandmas! :)

We ate almost everything the caterpillar ate in the book.  Strawberries, pears, watermellon, apples, oranges, salami, cherry pie, cake...

The big kids made their own caterpillars!

Grandma H. made sure everyone got their names on their caterpillars.

After eating we ate the cake.  Ahnie wanted to be done and get down and play.  She was not so sure about the cake but after she had a few bits she started digging in.  Unfortonially my camera died before she started enjoying her cake so here is the best one.  Luckily my mom got some good pictures but I don't have them on my computer...

After cake we opened presents!  Ahnie had lots of helpers but she had lots of fun opening her presents. We were so blessed that so many friends and family could come and help us celebrate our daughter!  She recieved so many wonderful presents!  

I can't believe she is already 1!!!  I loved every minute of planning her special day.  I have really enjoyed planning birthday parties for my children!  Guess I better get started on Ayden's 3rd Birthday!  Its only 2 months away!