Monday, January 21, 2013

Ahnie is Potty Trained!!!

So, this weekend was the weekend that I had planned to potty train Ahnie for a while now.  It was a 3 day weekend and we didn't have much going on.  When we potty trained Ayden I had used this approach http://www.3daypottytraining.com/.  The idea of the 3 day potty training approach is where you start talking about going potty in the potty a few weeks ahead of time!  Start planning, talking and buying things just for your child!  Buy lots of juice boxes, special snacks, food with extra fiber (to help with #2) and let them go out and pick out some special underware (lots of underware!  They recommend 16-20 pairs I think).  We also picked out special stickers and M&M's.  Then you are supposed to throw away all your diapers the morning of the 1st day during a special breakfast then put on underware and a shirt.  Constantly ask your child if they are dry (and praise them that they are), remind them to tell you when they need to go potty, and if they start to go you run them quickly to the potty so hopefully they can finish in there. The child never leaves your sight and you are constantly praising your child! The idea is they have lots of accidents the first day less the 2nd and hopefully none the 3rd day.  This is a e-book that you buy and after you buy it you can go on and get help from the author along with a guaruntee. 

 We had to try this 2 times with AJ and I remember the first time being so tired at naptime and by the second day AJ was at the door saying "I go outside" and me crying to Brett on the couch saying I want to go outside too!!  He was clearly not ready after having something like 12 accidents on the first day...  I don't remember but the 2nd day was not much better and I think by the 3rd day we got our diapers back out and said he would try again later.  Then we tried again last winter and it was much better!  He was potty trained with peeing by the 3 day and it took a few months before we didn't have any more poopy accidents but we got through it. 

So, thinking about potty training Ahnie started back in probably October.  My parents were here watching AJ and Ahnie while I was at work and when I got home my mom informed me that Ahnie had gone poopy on the potty twice that morning!  I remember looking at my mom thinking "are you kidding me we are trying to pack get moved, find a new house and now your telling me she is ready to potty train"  haha I was excited but a little overwhelmed (which I think discribed myself most of this fall!).  So after that we got out our little potty and if she asked to use it we would sit on it.  Very rarely did she actually go but it was a fun game.  Since Christmas break and moving into our new home she became more interested in sitting on the potty and was actually going sometimes.  I decided then that MLK weekend might be a great weekend to do the 3 day potty training.  We started getting ready and started buying all of our goodies!  The weekend before Ahnie got done eating breakfast and quick said potty so we sat on the potty and she went!  Then we put a diaper back on ran some errands got home played then ate lunch.  After lunch she said potty so we ran to the potty again.  I took off her DRY daiper and she went again.  This definally affirmed that I need to do this!  Then this past week leading up to our big weekend she would randomly tell me she needed to go potty and she would go! 

So, Saturday was the day!  We had talked a lot about going potty on the potty and at breakfast we talked about putting underware on.  When we got done we went to the bathroom sat on the potty and she went and we put some Dora underware on.  All morning we kept asking if Dora was dry and she was!  We went potty 4 times before naps and didn't have an accident!  One thing I remember AJ stuggling with was going potty a little bit very often which they can do in diapers and its not a big deal.  Ahnie would not go potty any closer than 1 hour between.  I could tell she had really had that down which was huge!  At naps we put on a pull up (which the 3 day potty training says is a no no but we do it at naps and bedtime!) and when she woke up she was crying potty and I went and scooped her up and she had a big wet warm pull up!  Shoot we missed it!  But I don't count it as an accident if she was sleeping.  We switched to underware and went on with our day.  She kept doing great!  She really started to get tired before dinner so we ate quick.  Then we sat on the potty, she tried to poop on her own and a little came out!  We were all so excited!!!  We put underware back on and I came into the toy room to her crouched down on the ground and she wouldn't stand up...  Shoot she had her 1st accident about 10 minutes before I was going to put her to bed! 

Sunday, she woke up and Brett went in to get her and she had already pooped...  So, the rest of the day was pretty easy.  No accidents and she was telling us when we needed to go!  She really did a great job all day and was starting to learn she got M&M's every time she went potty.

This morning went very well we woke up and went potty right away.  All morning was great and went like the last two days until right before lunch.  She came over to me said poo poo and squated down.  I tried to get her to the potty but we didn't make it.  Then after naps I thought I had a doctors apt that we were going to meet Brett at.  Right before we got there I remembered that it was on the 28th and today was only the 21st.  So we ran to Toy R Us by myself because I wanted to trade in a carseat.  I then thougth I should let her pick something out for doing a great job.  I knew I was getting myself in trouble and when we were playing with the leapster tablets she started crying say potty.  Her first real pee accident and she was not happy.  We ran to the bathroom got cleaned up and headed home.  We later went to the OP and no accidents there!  So in 3 days we had 3 accidents only 1 being a pee accident.  I will call that pretty good! 

Ahnie was so proud of herself though all of it!  Some of the things I want to remember is her asking us if we were dry everytime we would ask her!  And how excited she would get when she got to pick out her own M&M or sticker.  She would change her mind about 10 times and would get made if you pushed her to just pick one!  I would definally say any method I would have used would have worked for Ahnie just because I think she was so ready but I would also recommend the 3 day potty training because it did work for AJ and he was a much harder case. 

I am so proud of my little girl!  She is not a baby anymore!!!!  Good thing we have one more on the way or else I would be pretty sad :)

If I Write It Down...

Today we were waiting for Brett to get home from work so we could go out for dinner for the Tiger Basketball fundraiser.  Brett was going to be home any minute but AJ insisted that he needed to wear his cleats until Brett got home.  I told him I wasn't going to tie them because we were going to take them off in a few minutes.  He said then I am going to write it down!  I didn't know what that meant but he went down stairs so Ahnie and I kept looking for Brett out the window.  Next thing I know AJ comes running up stairs with a piece of paper he wants to show me.  Its our cell phone bill and he held it up and it had the letter A a few times on it in marker.  He holds it up and says "Mom!  You see this!  It says you have to tie my shoes and since I wrote it down you have to do it!"  So I agreed and tied his shoes...

I guess sometimes you just have to give in!  I am very glad I kept my mouth shut when I first saw our cell phone bill colored on to hear the whole story!  I can't make this stuff up!  I just love this little boy and all his tactics that he thinks will help him get his way...

Aaron Rogers

If you have seen us lately it is no surprise to you that AJ loves wearing his jerseys!!  He has one on everyday!!  One of his favorites is his Aaron Rogers Packers jersey.  He loves it so much the front numbers have wore off. 

Well last week we went to Walmart and the first thing he did (well he always does this as soon as we get anywhere!)...he had to take off his coat so as he says: "everyone can see my jersey!"  So while we are there everytime I ask him to follow me or tell him its time to go to the next isle he says "Call me Aaron Rogers!"  And he held to it!  He would not listen until I called him Aaron Rogers!  He wouldn't go for Aaron, Rogers, AR or any other combination except the full name Aaron Rogers!  You should have seen the looks I got from every person we saw!!!  Gotta love 3 year olds!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Wow, is all I can say for the last 2+ months...  Well I don't want to forget my feelings and how everything went in the last crazy months of 2012, so here goes....

I guess it all started back in Sept. when we finally made the plung after looking at many many houses and we decided if we were serious we needed to get our house on the market.  After our first open house our relator, Tony called us and told us to stay away for a few more hours because he had a potential buyer coming back to look at it.  Well, we did as we were told and by that evening we had an amazing offer in our hands!!  We were very excited but the house we put an offer on was not available any more so we accepted ours with a contigiency on us finding a house and the date to close would be Nov. 9th.  Well we looked and looked and looked!!!  (My kids lately have been asking why we don't see Tony any more, they were so used to seeing him because we spent sooo much time looking at houses!!) 

Well, the day came that we had to make the decision to keep the offer or ask for more time.  We didn't want to loose the offer so we decided we would just rent and take the offer set to close on Nov. 9th.  Well, much to our surprise it is very hard to find cheap rent, month to month and who allow pets!  So, finally our friends were looking for renters and we were looking for a place!  It worked but they were going to continue to find renters/owners and we had finally found our home!  So we thought it would work out great for everyone!  We were scheduled to close on our new house Dec. 7th.  So, we moved into our friends house Nov. 1st. and spent the week cleaning our old house so we could close on Nov. 9th.  Along with closing we also found out we were expecting baby #3 (I was already 6 weeks along!).  The next week we found out that our friends found a renter and we would be out Nov. 30th.  So we had to plan to move again!  This time is was only going to be for a week so Brett's parents graciasly let us stay with them for a week.  We (I should say Brett and his parents) spent the week taking everything we own and cramming it into Brett's parents garage!!  And we got all settled at Grandma and Grandpa Will's house.  Shortly after we moved in we got word that the paperwork would not be ready in time and we were not sure when we would be able to close on our new home.  They told us Monday or Tuesday...  We decided to postpone our U'Haul for that Thursday because our week was already busy until then.  Well Monday and Tuesday came and went and no word.  Finally, at 3:30 on Weds. I called Brett and asked if he was going to cancel the truck for the next day.  He said Tony said not until he says and as we were talking Brett quickly said I have to go I'll call you back.  Well, he called back saying that we would finally close sometime the next day (Thursday Dec. 13th).  So, we kept the truck! 

So, Thursday came,  I worked like normal.  Brett picked up the truck at noon we had great friends come help use load the truck and I went to a doctors appointment I didn't want to reschedule.  When I got home I picked up Brett and we went and closed on our home got the keys and call our parents to meet us at the new house with the truck!  We meet them there and lots of high schools students and friends to help us moved for the LAST TIME!!  We didn't stay there that night but we did the following night.  We were finally in our home sweet home!! 

I had learned a lot over those stressful 6 weeks.  I learned once again I am not in control.  I love how when I think I can plan everything down to a T God comes in and shows me that it is not in my time it is in his!  I will say that now almost a month in our new home I am finally starting to feel like we are starting to reach a new normal I can live with :)  My kids sleeping arrangements changed many times, our schedule was all over the place, we had to learn how to live out of boxes for weeks!  I am finally starting to get caught up on the day to day routine of washing the clothes, getting the dishes done, having both kids sleep or have quiet time, meal planning, figure out a new bedtime routine that works for our family, and just plain get through a day feeling like it was worthwhile!  I learned that I can not do this life on my own and when I do it does not work!  I finally remembered that I needed to turn to God to help me get through each day!  My kids were acting out and I was far from being consistant.  I felt scattered and spread very thin.  But, once I put my trust back in Gods plan and started believing that it would all work out and fall into place is when I was able to think clearly in each area of my life!  The last few months hav ebeen a struggle but we made it thought and learned a lot though it!

I am excited for what 2013 has in store for us!  A new baby to welcome into our family, a house we get to make a home and I am sure so much more!!!  Glad to be back blogging!  Hope I can get a caught up soon!