Friday, March 7, 2014

Month 7 and 8

Boy oh boy do these months fly buy!  They go so quickly I forget to blog before the next month!  So, I will recap the last two months together.  These two months were very eventful and filled with some fun firsts for our baby girl.

At 6 months I commented on her mood because she was so fussy and that was so out of character for her.  Well that continued a little longer.  I decided to start supplementing with formula.  I would send formula when I was away from her or at work and when I would breastfeed I would give her a bottle as soon as she was done eating.  There were times she would drink a whole 4 oz after breastfeeding.  Poor girl, I think she was hungry.  After having a baby we have to regulate my thyroid meds again and I read that having a low thyroid (my problem with out medicine) can cause a low milk supply.  Since I had a high thyroid with the other two I had no idea that this could happen!  

Over the past two months she has perfected sitting up, rolling, she has gone to sitting from her tummy a couple of times and she gets on all 4s are rocks back and forth.  She is not crawling yet but is very close!  Although she can't crawl she can get to anything she would like.  She rolls from place to place and spins to get were she needs to go.  This is not an efficient way to travel but it does get her from place to place.  I am sure life will really change here in a few weeks!


ya is starting to learn how to be funny.  She makes this funny face where she scrunches up her eyes, nose and mouth and breathes really funny from her nose.  It makes me laugh every time so she does it again and again.  She also loves to play peek-a-boo.  She does this with her blanket or just on the floor.  She puts her head straight down on the floor and ways for you to say "Where is Mya" then up her head pops with a little giggle.  She thinks its funny when the kids crawl around her too.  Ayden and Ahnie are really starting to have fun with their sister these days!!  I can't wait till we can get outside and take her to the park for the first time.

Amaya is now completely on formula and usually drinks 4 six ounce bottles.  She is also eats 3 times a day and usually has a snack after her afternoon nap.  She is pretty predictable these days and has been much better with her schedule while I am at work.  She gets up around 7 drinks a bottle and eats breakfast.  Naps around 9 then has a bottle and lunch at 11.  Naps again at 12:30 or 1 until about 3.  Then has another bottle and sometimes a snack.  Eats dinner around 5:30 and a bottle before bed at 7.  She sleeps great at night!!!  We lay her down at 7 and she is out right away!  She loves to sleep on her side or tummy and cuddles with her blanket.  She is sooo sweet when she sleeps.  We lay her in the pack n play in our room until Ahnie is asleep then we put her in her room for the night.  This sometimes gives me a good reason to cuddle her before I go to bed.  She is still so cuddly and I just love that!!!

Amaya wears size 3 diaper and is mostly in 9 month clothes but is moving into her 12 month stuff.  Her hair is getting so long and now we have to put it up in a pony most days.  I have even gotten it in pig tails once.  So cute!  It is always the first comment everyone makes when they see you!  Its always, wow she has a lot of dark hair!  I think it will lighten up as soon as it gets warm enough to play outside.  The roots are pretty light so the rest will lighten up soon!