Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Valentine

Tonight AJ and I were laying in bed and he asked "when is my valentine's day party at school?" So we counted the days. Then I told him your valentine is some one you love. I asked him who he wanted his valentine to be? He quickly said "you mommy! I love you and want you to be my valentine!" Melt my heart!! Then he quickly asked "mom I don't love anyone at school can I still go to the party?" I told him our baseball valentines aren't ones that talk about love so it will be ok!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Excitement!!

I just don't want to forget how precious both Ayden and Ahnie are with all the new excitment of my growing belly.  They are constantly asking about the baby and randomly giving baby a hug or a kiss.  In the past week I have started to feel the baby move and it is becoming more common and when ever I share that with Ayden he gets so excited!  I can't wait for him to feel it for the first time.  He has been asking the best questions about the baby!  It is amazing how a 3 year olds mind work. 

Ahnie is in love with babies and she is loving my belly as it grows.  She also thinks she has a baby in her tummy.  I will say our tummys are a little comparible right now but I have a feeling she is starting to thin out and I wish that was the case for me!  :)  But I think this baby is going to keep growing!!  She loves to ask if my baby needs a binky and when she is cuddling with her blankie she likes to share. 

As I watch the excitement both our children have for the baby they have only heard about I can't help get more and more excited too!  They are at a good age where they can help me when I need something as well as play on their own too.  I am sure they will offer lots of extra hands when this baby does arrive and I am sure it will be a little overwhelming as we all get used to being a family of 5 but we are very excited for this new chapter in our family! 

Last monday I have my 16 week check up (I was 17 weeks tho) and we all were able to go.  They got to hear the baby's heartbeat and Ayden really thought that was cool!  The next appointment will be on Feb. 25th and we will get to see our baby again on the ultrasound.  We will be finding out if this baby will be a little brother or sister.  Currently we are tied 2 girls and 2 boys in our family.  I wonder who will become more dominate the boys or the girls?!  So fun to think about!  I have had feelings of both so I can't wait to know.