Friday, July 12, 2013

Amaya Kay Williams

Amaya Kay was born on Weds. July 3rd at 2:43 in the afternoon.  She weighed 8lbs 5.6 oz and was 21 inches long!

Amaya, along with all of my labors, was a scheduled induction.  Our day started out with an early alarm so I could shower and get ready then we took the kids over to Brett's parents house.  We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 and got checked in and met our nurse Brenda.  Typically an induction starts with Patocin but I have never needed it so I talked with my doctor at my last appointment about it and she was fine with my plan of having my water broke first and see how it goes.  When we got to the hospital both Brenda and the Dr. on call, Dr. Gerardi, were happy to go that route.  I really felt like I was listened to and I really appreciated that!

I was at a 3 when I checked in and they broke my water at 8:20. Brett and I were able to walk the halls for a few hours.  I had never done that with either of my other labors.  It was nice to not be stuck in the bed the whole time!  Around 10:30 or 11 we decided to get put on the list for the epidural and good thing because we had to wait a while as I was #3 out of 5 in labor and all wanting epidurals!  Once the epidural was given now it was just time to sit and relax and wait...  The nurse and Dr. left us alone quite a bit and didn't really check me much during the morning.  Finally, around 1:30 I was at an 8.  She said it would probably be in the next two hours (by this point in the morning Ahnie and Ayden were both born so I was like 2 hours?!).  About 20 minutes later she came in quickly and said she was going to check me again.  I was kind of surprised because they hadn't really checked me to much and she told me 2 hours so she did and I was at a 10 and ready to go.  They called Dr. Lapinski in and all the other nurses that were going to help out.  I started pushing around 2:15.  I would say I had to work pretty hard for her!  Towards the end of pushing I was not feeling good and didn't know how much longer I could go for.  Brenda, told me I got really pale and she knew I wasn't doing very good.  Luckily Amaya came after a couple more pushes!  Brenda quickly ran and got me something to drink and the hospital comes around with warm cookies at 2:30 each day so I had a cookie right away!  That made me feel much better and I was ready to meet my little girl!

After I felt better and they were done checking Amaya and I we called the grandparents to share the news and sent pictures to the Aunts and Uncles!  My parents were able to come meet Amaya right away and Brett's parents had the kids in the pool so they came shortly after.

Both Ayden and Ahnie were excited to meet their sister but they came and made sure I was ok first!  They have been so great with her since the minute they met her!  It has been so fun to see their excitement for her and love for her grow!

Here are some pictures from our stay at the hospital.  We got a new camera the day before she was born so Brett spent the whole time figuring it all out!