Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Blame the Dog :)

Tonight I went into the other room to get different clothes for Ayden to change into. Before I left the room I looked around to make sure there wasn't anything he could get into since I usually don't leave him in the kitchen/porch alone very often. While, it looked like everything would be fine until I came back... When I came back Ayden was standing on the futon on the porch and was looking out the window jumping. I said "Hey how did you get up there?!" He quickly turned around and pointed at Jacoby! HAHA!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tiger Football

Tonight was Ayden's first experience at the Dome for a Cedar Falls Football game. We went a few times last year but he was still pretty little. I was a little nervous taking him and was prepared to only stay for 15 minutes since he is usually ALL over the place!

I WAS SO WRONG!!! We ended up staying for the whole sophomore game! (my hubby loves Tiger football and goes to the soph and varsity game every week!) Ayden was so cute! I wish I had my camera! As soon as we walked in the dome he started clapping! He LOVES watching sports. He would just stand between Brett and I and yell "go, go, go!" and clap! Every once in a while he will yell "T Down" (touch down).

It was so fun to see Ayden enjoying something that Brett enjoys so much! Maybe I will go back to having my Friday nights free and the boys at the football game again. :) Well we might be a few years away from that I am excited to go to another tiger football game with Ayden and Brett!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disc Golf

For Father's Day this past June Ayden and I got Brett some disc's for disc golf. Brett likes to go out and play with high school kids and once you have the disc's it is free to play! Brett has really started to enjoy playing this summer!

Ayden and I have been able to go with him a few times this summer. It is a fun date night and Ayden loves to just ride a long! We went a few weeks ago and I got some pretty cute pictures of Ayden! He loves to hold on to the disc's for us and ride in his wagon. This time we went out he was a little restless by the end of the 9 holes so we let him walk with us! I love nights like this when we can hang out as a family!!!