Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our First Ride in an Ambulance

Today we had quite the adventure! We went to the park at Cedar Heights with Emily and her kiddos. We were playing and having a great time when Ayden was playing and lost his balance and fell. He was on this climbing thing to get up to the slide and was at the top. Luckily we were right there and Emily quick caught him before he fell, he just bumped his head or so we thought. He started crying right away so I scooped him up and flipped him over. Then it got a little more scary for this Mama! I saw lots of blood and just covered his forehead. Emily found a towel and I was able to hold that over his cut. I took a peek and quickly asked her to call 911. She went to the street to wait for the help to arrive and Madison stayed with us and would not leave Ayden's side. She was blowing him kisses and finally got close enough for a few sweet kisses on the cheek. We could hear the fire truck and that finally calmed Ayden down as we sat and listened for the fire truck and ambulance to arrive. When they got there his cut had stopped bleeding but they did confirm that he needed stitches. He had about a 1 inch cut on his forehead that was rather deep! We could not get a hold of Brett and we were at Cedar Heights school so we really were not close to our house or the car so we decided we better let the ambulance take us to the ER. By the time we got into the ambulance Ayden was very calm and started to warm up and was soon his normal chatty self! By the time we got to the ER he was done wanting to cuddle so that was a little bit of a struggle. We were at the ER for a little over an hour. All things considered Ayden did pretty good. Brett had not made it to the ER by the time I had to decide on either stitches or glue and I was having a hard time looking at his forehead I didn't think I could handle watching him get stitches by myself. Luckily Brett got there right after I talked with the doctor. I was so relieved Brett was there with me at that point! Ayden got the glue applied and we had to wait a few more minutes and we were able to go home! Ayden was a champ! I had a hard time but I am very thankful that he is ok and we had such wonderful EMT's, doctors and nurses. It made a difficult situation a little better! I am also very thankful for Emily! She quickly calmed me down after I saw Ayden's cut and got help there quickly and spent a long time trying to get a hold of Brett! She also took care of Ahnie till we were able to get home. I don't know what I would have done if I was there by myself...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 Months Old!!

Ahnie turned 3 months old on July 28th! This past month has been a very fun month!!! Ahnie is really starting to get a personality and is so smiley! I just love it! All I need to do is usually smile at her or say HI and you get a big toothless grin!! She talks a lot too! She loves to lay under her play gym and coo and look all around! She still loves to suck on her fists and she is even bringing toys to her month (just recently)! A few days before she turned 3 months she started to scoot on he back! She will kick her feet so much that she will either turn in a complete circle while playing on the floor or else you will find her up in the corner of the crib. I am not ready for a mover yet but it is fun to watch! Ahnie also loves to stand in your lap! I have a feeling she is going to love her bounceroo! She has not really tried rolling over yet but she will look to one side and arch her back so I'm sure she could if she really tried but there has not been to much interest. She love to play on her tummy and we tried her bumbo for the first time this month. She is getting better each day at sitting in it and now loves to sit in it at her play gym or in front of a toy I have that she will be able to use more once she is sitting by herself. She is not crazy about her bouncy seat but she will sit in it from time to time. I just started putting her in the swing to play. I put the seat sitting up and she loves to hold on to her toys and watch Ayden play in the living room! It keeps her busy for quite a while!

Our little girl is still growing like a weed! I love her chubby cheeks and thighs! Some of her 6 month clothes is starting to get tight and we moved up to size 3 diapers already! I am excited to see how much she weighs and her length at her next check up!

Ahnie is getting even better at her routine! She eats every 3 hours, she is awake for at least an hour but I try to get her to stay awake for 1 1/2 hours then sleeps. Her naps have been much better! She doesn't always wake up in the middle anymore and if she does she will put herself back to sleep sometimes! When she does wake up and I go in there she is a happy, talking, smiley baby!!!

We for sure have our bedtime routine. She usually eats around 6:30 or 7 plays or takes a bath then we get ready for bed. She is usually asleep around 8 and then every night at 9 I get her out of her bed and feed her as much as she will eat, then put her right back to bed. She will now (as of the week before her 3 month birthday) sleep till 6:15-6:30. Then she is awake for the day. I would love it if I could sleep in till 7 but with school starting in a few weeks 6:30 will probably have to be my wake up time anyway!

(I will add her 3 month pictures as soon as I up load them) :)

Our Early Morning Surprise

This morning I lay in bed listening to Ayden yell my name...Me thinking usually he comes in here so maybe he is just talking in his sleep... Then I hear him talking to Ahnie and her start crying. I realized that my morning has begun I get slowly out of bed and before I got to Ayden's room I hear "Mommy change!" I found him laying on the changing table on his tummy. I rolled him over and his PJ's were ALL wet and I could see his diaper had ripped open so all the jell like beads where EVERYWHERE!!! I asked Ayden what happened and all of a sudden he started bawling! So, I called for Brett to get Ahnie and I started cleaning. We had those things everywhere! On his legs, tummy, cheeks, hair... I rolled him to his back and cleaned there and rolled him back over and he had them all over his tummy again! It was never ending SO at 6:30 AM I decided to throw this tired, crying little boy in the bath!

What a morning... Days like this make me wish I had a video monitor. Not for piece of mind when he was a baby like Ahnie but to get some of my questions answered!!!