Friday, April 29, 2011

Announcing Ahnie Ione Williams

We are proud to announce that Ahnie Ione arrived yesterday on April 28th at 1:24 in the afternoon. She was 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long.

We were very blessed with a quick labor! They broke my water at 10:35 and in just under 3 hours we were holding our daughter. I only pushed for 16 minutes! Her blood sugar was a little low right away but after a few feedings and having to suppliment once with formula she has been able to keep that up! We are all doing well! Ayden has come to visit his baby sissy twice and loves saying her name (which he has been saying for a while now but since its a little different nobody picked up on it). He also loves if you ask him if he is a Big Brother!

We have had a lot of questions about where her name came from and how to pronounce it. You say it like 'ah knee'. Brett had a student named Ahnie and he always really liked it. Her middle name is my middle name and I was named after my dad's aunt. It is also Brett's grandma's name. Once I found out we both had an Ione in the family I knew that name would have to be passed on.

We have so much to be thankful for! We love our new family of four!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why I love being 9 months Pregnant!

There is just something that happens when you are 9 months pregnant....you have extra energy!! But, at our house we always seem to take nesting to the next level! We always end up doing something big around our house.

When I was 9 months pregnant with Ayden we completely gutted our bathroom. We did not have a toilet for weeks and we had to sleep at Brett's parents every night. Luckily by the time Ayden came our bathroom had all the major pluming pieces in place. :)

Now for this time around I have just felt like we have been going non stop! I must say it usually ends up being Brett that is putting in the extra time but I am helping :) We got a dresser painted and ready for the kids. When I asked Brett to carry it in for me he said well shouldn't we get the carpet taken care of first? So we headed out to Flooring Gallery and found a remnant the perfect size for their room (we have been looking for over a month!). So, the kids got new carpet on Friday. Not only did everything need to get moved out of their room but the carpet needed to be torn up. Brett was very busy with work Thursday and got home around 9 and we started working. He was up until 1 AM taking up the carpet and laying our new pad down. Then our garbage disposal stopped working... We have been fighting with our garbage disposal since we moved in over 3 years ago! It has a mind of its own! So, yesterday we decided that its time had come! Brett did lots of researching and after a few trips over to waterloo we got a new garbage disposal! Again, Brett did not get to bed till after 1 AM!

I am so excited to have all these things taken care of, but more excited to have my house in one piece and for Brett to relax a little before our baby comes. This is a busy time of year for him so I am very thankful that he has worked so hard around the house lately along with all the work he does everyday!!