Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Out

AJ has been pushing the boundries a little lately and when we correct him he gets very upset.  So needless  to say we have been 'perfecting' (yeah right...) our time outs.  This happened the other day and I don't want to forget it...

AJ asked me if the dog needed to go potty.  We were getting ready to go somewhere and I was in a hurry so I said no.  When I turned around again I saw the back door wide open and Jacoby running around out back and my van door open.  (AJ loves to climb in the van and hide in the back...).  I went out and got the dog in and got AJ out of the van.  I told him he needed a time out because he is not supposed to be in the van or outside with out an adult.  So I brought him in and put him in a timeout.  While in his time out I had to put him back on it a few times and next thing I knew he was walking around with his stool on his bottom saying "Mommy,  I still on my stool."  I was so mad but could not stop laughing...  I hate when that happens!!  What a stinker...

When this happens I quickly try to think...Did this ever happen to my parents?!?  I always remember them having discipline down...Maybe it was because I was #4 or else I just didn't notice...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hockey in Heaven?!

Today AJ and I were talking and he asked if it was still Easter time.  This lead into a funny conversation...it went like this:

Me:  Well, we just celebrated it on Sunday.
        What did Jesus do for us on Easter?
AJ:  He played Soccer and 'esball' (baseball) and Hockey!
       Yeah, him plays hockey 'ight' (right) now, up in the sky!
Brett and AJ like to check each other into the "boards" and have hockey fights!
Me:  Do you think Jesus checks guys into the boards or has hockey fights?
AJ:  Umm no!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

You've Been Egged!!!

Yes, we took our children Egging!!!  hehe  Not what you are thinking!  I found this idea on Pinterest and had to do it!  I told my friend Emily about it and finally found a day that worked!  I wanted to get this post done early so you can try it for yourself!  It was sooo fun and the kids LOVED it!!!  Next year will be even better!  So this is what you have to do!

Getting all the eggs filled with treats for our friends!!!

You are supposed to leave a dozen eggs at each house filled with yummy treats!

 All 4 kids loaded and ready to Egg our friends!!!

Working really hard at finding good hiding spots for all the eggs.

When you get to your friends house you need to hide all 12 eggs.  Then you ring the doorbell and run away!  We choose to hide and run out after they started finding he eggs.  The website I got it from hid in their van down the street and never told their friends who did it!  That might be better for older kids!  Our kids just wanted to see their friends and play :)

Peeking out to see how Avery was doing!

Avery with all her eggs!

Jaxon and Austin with all their eggs!  These two were a blast!  Austin ran out of the house and yelled "Look easter eggs!!!"

Jaxon was great at finding eggs and also leaving some for his brother!

I think Austin found one!

Our last stop was Jordann's house!  These two had lots of fun playing together!  So sweet!

I would totally recommend doing this with your kiddos!!!  Ours had a blast!  If you go to this website http://sunscholars.blogspot.com/2011/03/egged-easter-tradition.html  you can find the "You've been egged" sign and a cute poem that explains what you are supposed to do now that you have been egged!  We got the ball rolling in Cedar Falls!  Watch out you might be egged next!!!  Happy Easter!