Friday, September 28, 2012


At dinner every night Ayden loves to pray which usually consists of "dear Jesus thank you for dying on the cross for our sins AMEN! LETS EAT". We have been getting him to say what he is thankful for as well.

Ayden started when he was little just by saying Amen! So we started asking Ahnie to say Amen and when we do all she says is "let's eat!" (Her first 2 letter sentence ). I had to u capture this picture last night...oh how I love this beautiful little girl and prays that she will grow to know Jesus someday!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture Day

Tomorrow is AJ's picture day at school.  We have been busy so this afternoon we needed to go get him something to wear and the only place we had time to go was Target.  They had very few options and everything I asked Ayden about he yelled "No, that's BAD!!!"  When did my son have such an opinion about his clothes...  Every thing had to many buttons or two pockets.  We found one cute plaid button up shirt with only one pocket.  I put it on him and told him he was a stud muffin and he was happy with that! 

He asked when he was getting his pictures taken so I told him Betsy was coming to school to take his pictures.  He said "But, Mom!  I have to learn at school there is no time to take pictures!!!  We can't take pictures at school!  Its learning time!"  Haha who knew he was all business and no play...  I never would have guessed that to be his reaction.  I am excited to see how his pictures go...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School!!!

On thursday AJ had his first day of preschool! He has been very excited and has been asking about going since I told him I signed him up last spring!

The night before we went out to eat to celebrate then came home and it was time to pick out his outfit. I laid out three choices for shirts not including his jersey. Ayden had a shirt then Brett yelled "AJ u want to wear your Hawk jersey right?" of course he wore the jersey!

The next morning AJ was pumped and ready for school! I woke him up by saying "who has two thumbs and wants to go to school?". He sat up and said "this guy!".

We got ready had breakfast the headed outside for pictures and off to school. Ahnie was fussy this morning and did not want her brother to leave!!

On Tuesday's I get to take AJ to school so I did and when we got there he went straight to the sand table and didn't even say bye... This got me a little choked up but No real tears :).

After school I picked him and his friend Cadia up and they were both excited to tell me about their days! Ayden loved the play ground and playing with dinosaurs! At the lunch table he even sang 5 little ducks!

My little guy is growing up right before our eyes!!! I love it but it's all going to fast these days! I wish time could slow down a little bit :).