Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 Months!

Ahnie turned two months old on Tuesday! This past month has gone so quickly and she has really fit into our family so well! It's hard to imagine our family with out her! It's even hard to remember back to when it was just 3 of us! I love that feeling of your family changing and it feeling so perfect!

This past month Ahnie has become more predictable! She eats every 3 hours, then we try to keep her up to play for atleast an hour and then she sleeps. She is a good sleeper until about 30 mins before her next feeding then she needs her binky every so often. We moved her into Ayden's room a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous about this but it has been great! She started sleeping longer stretches and she has only woken up Ayden a few times but I am usually in there to put him right back to bed. He has been amazing with the transition as well! Since we moved her to the crib she only wakes up once a night to eat. She gets her last feeding at 9pm and put right to bed then will wake up only once anytime between 2:30 and 6 am. This has been wonderful!!!

Ahnie started growing out of her 3 month clothes at about 6 weeks and now is only wearing 6 month clothes! I always get so sad to see how quick my kids grow out of their clothes!

She had her doctors appointment on Tuesday and she weighted in at 13lbs 14oz (90th%) and her length was 23 1/2inches (95th) her head is 15 inches (25th %). Just like Ayden big and long but a small head! She loved being on the table at the doctors office and just coo'ed, and kicked so much! Ahnie got her first round of shots and she did not like them! She cried a lot quicker than Ayden ever did and was very fussy the rest of the day/night. We had to keep giving her tylonal and you could tell her legs were very sore. I felt so bad for her but the next morning she was a different baby! So happy and content!

Ahnie had a few firsts this month! She started smiling at 5 weeks. She found her hands and loves to suck on her fists. She now really likes to play under her play gym and sit in her bouncy seat. She loves her crib and her piano toy in her crib. She is really starting to get to be more fun because she is more alert and responds to us more and more each day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Water" Park!

Last night we went to the park with the Hofferts. As soon as we got there Ayden ran up to the slide and went down. All of a sudden you saw a big splash come from the slide and he looked over at all of us and yelled out "WATER PARK". It was so funny! We have been talking about the water park but have not made it there yet this year... Now when we talk about it Ayden will probably think of Cedar Heights park instead...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Boy Underware

Tuesday morning during breakfast I showed Ayden his new big boy underware that I picked up at the store the day before. We talked about going potty on the big potty and when we do that how he can wear his big boy underware. Then we went on with our day. Since we have VBS this week we had to take a bath after breakfast. When we got out of the bath he was running around naked. Next thing I know he comes running to me and says "potty". I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said no. Then he said it again. So I said show me! He grabbed my hand and took me into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I about died when I thought he peed in the fridge but then I realized he had only peed on the floor! I cleaned it up and cleaned the bottom of the fridge just in case... He then took my hand and walked me over to where his underware was and wanted a pair on. So we put them on and he was pretty proud of himself for a little while as he ran around the house in big boy underware! But after about 10 minutes he was "all done!" and wanted a diaper on...

Also, today we were going to get milk and he yelled from the back seat "potty comin, potty comin!" I asked him if he was going to the bathroom and he said yes... hmmm....

Is it time to start potty training this little boy?!? Oh I don't know if I am ready for it but I feel like he is going to be ready before I am..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baseball Season

So, we are in the middle of baseball season and its always a crazy time of year for our family. Brett now coaches the Freshman team so he would not have any night games but that has left his nights open to go watch the Soph and Varsity games. This has really been such a great opportunity for Ayden and Brett to have some time together! Ayden loves going out to the ball diamonds with his dad and 'play baseball' I am amazed some days at his attention span as he actually sits and watches the game. He also gets to play in the hitting nets, ride the tractor with his daddy, go find balls, and eat more junk food than he has ever had in his life! :) There have even been a few nights that Ayden asks to pray for Daddy Coaching. So sweet and it reminds me that Brett's love for coaching is something that blesses our family even if it takes him away from our family a little more than normal!

Well, since baseball games have started Ayden is often found "playing baseball" at home. He loves to slide like Sean and hit like Andrew and Terry on the TV. (Brett LOVES watching NU and CF on channel 15...me not so much...)

This morning Ayden came running out of his room saying "hurt" and holding his forehead. I gave him a kiss and he was back running around. A few minutes later I realized that he actually had a big bump and red mark were I had just kissed. Here is our conversation about his ouchie...

"Ayden what happned to your head?"
"Slide, Sean"
"You slid like Sean. What did you hit?"
"The field"
"Did you hit your head on something in your room?"
"The baseball field"

So, I still do not know what happened to his head but he was pretending to be on the baseball field and slide like Sean... How I love having a little boy!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have been working on counting and learning our colors a lot lately. Well, today Ayden threw all the Tuesday adds on the floor so I asked him to pick them up before we could go outside. While he picked them up I told him we should count them...

So he goes "one, two, one two, three, orange!" And was so proud of himself! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


A few weeks ago I was watching the news and heard about a sandbox drive. I have been wanting a sandbox for Ayden but didn't want to buy a plastic one and wasn't sure how to go about building one. So, I was very excited when I saw the clip. The Waterloo Jaycee's Group does it every year. All you do is sign up and they bring a sandbox and two wheelbarrows of sand to your house and set it up for you. All the proceeds go to help children in the area buy gifts for their families around the holidays.

Ayden was so excited when a dump truck pulled up to our house with sand in it and a pick up truck with the sandbox. (This kid loves trucks!!!) Too bad it was a very rainy saturday but we ran from the front window to the back porch to watch them set it up! Since it was rainy we had to wait for the next day to get out all our sand toys and play in it for the first time! Here are some pictures of Ayden loving his sandbox!!! Mom loves it too! He spends hours in it!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Stuck

The other day Ayden was playing with some toys in the porch while Brett mowed and I was doing something with Ahnie. I heard him yell "Mommy, I stuck!"

I came out to the porch to find this....

And yes, I ran and got the camera before helping him out :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Month Old!

Ahnie turned one month on Saturday! It is amazing how much newborns change in that first month! And how quickly our life went from being normal as a family of 3 to normal as a family of 4. Now, I couldn't imagine life without two kids!

This past month Ahnie has gone from eating every 3 hours, even at night, to eating every 3 hours during the day and now going 4-5 hour stretches at night. She also had a hard time getting back to sleep at night after her feeding. She never had her days and nights confused but she really liked being held. We did spend some nights with her in our bed and she would go 6 hours between feedings but both Brett and I really did not feel comfortable with her in our bed. So we spent her first 2-3 weeks working on getting her back to sleep and in her bed. We started out using our pack and play, then tried using a wedge thing for her to help her feel cozy, then switched to a bassinet. We also have been using a sleep sack with a swaddle wrap. Ayden loved his swaddle me blankets but I think they are too confining for Ahnie. Now she is doing great and we both have a rhythm going at night and we are both back to sleep within a half hour usually.

She is now starting to stay awake more. She usually will be awake for about an hour from the start of her feeding then we play for about 30-45 minutes. She likes to lay under her play gym or on the floor but all her toys are much more exciting when Ayden is playing with her. Ayden loves to play with her and has been great! I will say there have been a few bumps with a rattle or toy but he never tried to do it and feels very bad after. I'm sure she will be one tough cookie growing up with her brother! Ayden loves to shower her with kisses and hugs! He loves to try to giver her a binky, toys or blankets. He has been such a great big brother to her already!!!

At her 2 week apt Ahnie weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and still 21 inches long. On Saturday I tried to weigh her with me on our scale and it said close to 12 lbs. I don't know how accurate that is but her size 1 diapers are getting tight and her 3 month clothes fit perfectly and I will be guessing we will be getting out 6 month clothes in the near future.

Some of Ahnie's likes are her swing, crib, bouncy seat, Ayden, tummy time, laying with daddy, eating, rocking with mommy and being held.

Some things she does not like are diaper changes, her binky sometimes, changing her clothes.

She also had her first bottle on Saturday. She did great and even let me give her a little bit of it!

Ahnie has been a pretty good baby! Ayden was a very easy, go with the flow baby. I feel bad because when anyone asks us how Ahnie has been we always say not as good as her brother was but really she is pretty easy going as well. She really only cries when something is wrong and you usually can quickly figure out what that is and then she quiets down. She has become such a wonderful addition to our family! I am so excited to see Ayden and her continue to play together more and more as the months and years go on! I have also really enjoyed having a girl!! I loved all that came with Ayden being a boy but having a girl has also been just as much fun!!!