Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our 18 Month Big Girl!!

I can't believe Ahnie will be 18 months old tomorrow! I was reading a friends blog this morning about her little guy that is a year younger than Ahnie...it reminded me and made me miss baby Ahnie and all the milestones she was reaching at such a fast rate a year ago. With our first move fast approaching I should be using this nap time to pack but I wanted to pause for a minute and capture the stage that Ahnie is in right now!

Our big girl is growing up right in front of our eyes! She is feisty, throws tantrums, no is her favorite word some days but those things never last too long. :). She loves to play with her babies, read books, sing, dance, climb, tackle, play hide and seek, talk and talk and talk even if we don't know what she is saying. She loves to color! And she is usually trying to do anything her brother is doing :).

Ahnie has just started to think its funny to make us laugh. If she gets us laughing once she will quickly sign and say 'more' and do it again.

Ayden and Ahnie are really starting to become good buddies! Often AJ will try to get her to play with him or be trying to get her to say things. They do go back and forth somedays like all sibblings but at the end of the day they love each other!

My favorite thing Ahnie does these days is stand at one end of the living room with her arms stretched out and runs over to you for the biggest hug a one year old could give.

Enjoy a few of our latest pictures :)
Finger Painting
Nature Hike on a BEAUTIFUL day!
Cheese!  At the pumpkin patch!
Driving the school bus at Touch a Truck fair in Waterloo
Going to church with her Daddy :)