Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Nursery

                  Where our little guy will sleep at first.

The changing table.

The crib all put together with 
his own little Jacoby :)

     The valences Grandma Higgins made.

Our little guys room :) 

Now all we need is the baby :)
     6 weeks to go!!!  We are very excited to meet our son!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The School Year Has Ended and New Adventures for the Williams'

Monday was the last day of school for the students at McKinstry.  We had a half day carnival and then the rest of the day was spent cleaning out my room with my mom.  My last day was Tuesday and I was all packed and out of my room by 1:30.  

Brett and I decided in April that I would stay home next year with our baby.  This is always something I have wanted to do and Brett and I have been planning for it since before we got married.  I can't wait to take on the adventures of a stay at home mom!  I am sure there will be days that I miss teaching but I have no question that this is God's plan for our family.  I am very excited for this new adventure but I will miss McKinstry!  I will miss the students and teaching but most of all the staff I worked with!  I really became close friends with many teachers at McKinstry and I hope to keep those friendships! 

The church that Brett works at, Naz, is a partner in education with McKinstry and we have been in the process of organizing volunteers this past year.  I have decided that I will try to help out with that more and hopefully I will be volunteering once a week.  Along with volunteering I am also planning on watching one of our friends, Nate and Alex's, baby Jordann.  Jordann was born in May, so our kids will be 4 months apart.  

Now we just have to wait for our little man to arrive!!!  I am almost 33 weeks and feeling great!  7 weeks left!!!!  Hopefully the nursery will be finished soon so I can post pictures!!!