Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"No It's My Baseball Game"

First off I really need to do some blogging about this summer but I miss placed my camera as I have been trying to pack up things and make messes as I try to organize and put away :)  So hopefully I will have AJ's birthday posts and many more up soon!

Well, if you know my little boy then you know that he is constantly talking about "his" baseball team, games, players etc...  It is so real to him that his punishments these days have been taking away his baseball things and his "games".  It is amazing how he listens when his make believe baseball games might get taken away.  I can't imagine what will happen when he is on a real team!

This week has been my frist week back at work.  Since the students have not started yet my hours have been very flexible.  Yesterday, I worked in the afternoon so the morning we had lots of time for fun!  We did a project at home then headed to Pheifer (sp?) Softball Field.  Ayden was so excited for his "game".  We had all our equitment but when we pulled AJ was bummed.  I asked him what was wrong and he said "My players aren't here yet.  I called my coach!"  So we decided to have "practice".  We had lots of fun!  Ahnie even hit off the tee and ran the bases.  But when it was time to go he was sad again and told me his game was changed to this afternoon.  I just agreed but knew we were not going to be coming back today...  While I was at work Brett text me to ask if he could play softball at Pheifer at 6:30.  I said yes thinking Ayden would be very excited to go watch.  While we were all packed up and walking up the game we kept talking to Ayden about random things and he would not respond to us.  I finally asked him what was wrong and all he could say is "It's my baseball game tonight!  I am suposed to have a game tonight not daddy!"  He was sad the whole way there until he noticed that there was no game on the 2nd field so he was able to have more practice because again his players and coach didn't show up...  I hope his coach gets on the ball because he won't tell me who his players are to actually schedule a game. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


This summer we have been getting used to the idea of selling our house.  I feel that we are out growing our home but we love the neighborhood.  We love being so close to a number of parks, hartman resurve, the trails, close friends and some of the things we love about our home in general.  So, we have been casually looking at new houses.  Its such a hard processes because he find something we like then it gets sold quickly, or its too expensive, needs to much work, its pretty much the same as this house just another small bedroom, we don't like the area or many other things...  We just have not found our next house yet.

But during this time we have been thinking about differnt things we need to do around our house.  For the past few years we used our porch for a big dog house for Jacoby.  I decided it needed to be changed into an actual porch so we could use that space a little before we didn't live her anymore and we also want it to look nice for potential buyers.  I was looking everywhere for inexpensive patio furniture and if any of you have looked at patio furniture its not very inexpensive.  Then one day my friend, Emily, was out running and saw a table and 3 chairs that were rather rusty and old but marked FREE!  So her husband went and picked it up for me and dropped it off at our house.  It was what I wanted but needed some work.  I first found some pillows that would go and had a specific color I wanted to spray paint it with (Teal!).  I searched everywhere and couldn't find it so I picked up some plain old white.  I had almost all of it painted then was at a friends house and saw a stool in the color I wanted.  I ask and she did spray paint it.  She had bought the spray paint at KMart (who knew they sell a variety of spray paint).  I went right there and they had 2 cans left!! I came home and put the kids to bed and got to work!

In one afternoon I had a table and 2 chairs painted!!!  I still have to get the 3rd chair painted but that can wait.  And here is our finished project:

I just love how it feels to get a project done like this!  It gets me excited to do lots of other projects around the house!