Monday, January 31, 2011

What happens when I don't want to nap!

A few weeks ago Ayden and I ran to Walmart before lunch. On our way home he fell asleep so I decided to lay him on the couch so I could make lunch. Well he napped for about 20 minutes and I was for sure he would go back to sleep after lunch! We ate and I laid him down. I knew it might take him a few extra minutes to fall asleep but I knew he was tired. When I went back in to check on him this is what I found!

He had emptied the top bookshelf and half of the bottom shelf along with his whole dresser and some of his blankets! I was not happy!! I snapped this picture from my phone and laid him in his crib while I cleaned it up. It took me almost 30 minutes to pick it all up! Needless to say we did not take a nap that day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Ayden is in his new Big Boy Bed!!! I knew I wanted to start the transition before his baby sister arrives but I was thinking a little closer to March before we would actually make the move. Well, Ayden was ready before that (like most things!). Starting in December he started climbing out of his crib. We lowered it to the final height and he still got out! I had friends tell me that kids could break their legs doing this so I decided to make the move to a big boy bed a little sooner.

Right around the time Ayden first climbed out of his bed a family from church had asked us if we were in need of a toddler bed and so we were able to get a used one from them. They also had the sheets that Ayden loved from Target! They have balls all over them!! Ayden and I went to pick up the bed and bedding. When we got home I showed him the sheets and comforter and he would not let me take them off the floor. I laid them out for him to see and every time I tried folding them up or picking them up to wash them he would say "no" or "more"! He loved his bedding and always wanted to play on them!!!

After a few days of him just playing with the sheets we moved in the bed. We put it in the living room for an evening so he could just play on it while Brett moved one last thing in his room. Ayden loved jumping on the bed and kept trying to walk off the bed. I figured we should probably wait a few more days before we attempted to actually put him to sleep in it. We spent those days showing everyone that came over his new big boy bed in his room and talking about his football blanket and reading in his bed.

New Years Eve came and Brett and I were going to be home for the night so we decided that tonight was the night! We let him fall asleep in his crib and when we knew he was asleep we put him in his bed. He did great!!! He woke up once and we put him back in the toddler bed and he went back to sleep. There have been a few nights where we put him back in his crib but for the most part he is totally in his toddler bed! On average he comes and wakes us up once a night but when we take him back to bed he goes right to sleep and we don't hear from him again until morning. Morning has started to get a little earlier this week and he has learned how to come in the living room and turn on the tv!

We are still having some trouble falling asleep at night. Naps are great but at night he has a harder time going to sleep in his bed. Sometimes he sits by the door until he falls asleep and then we carry him to bed!

Ayden loves his bed! His favorite things to do in it is read books and jump on the bed! When Madi comes over they can usually be found at some point jumping on the bed!

Williams Christmas

We usually spend Christmas Day with Brett's family and this year was no different. We woke up and had a yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and play with Ayden's new things. After we were all ready we headed over to Brett's parents house. Brett's sister, Kelly and her hubby Mike were already there waiting for us. Right away we opened presents.

Ayden was excited and knew exactly what to do with presents by now since it was his 3rd opportunity to open some, but quickly lots interest. He would open one then run around and we would have to bring him back to open his next present but he was always excited to open more! Some of his favorite things he got was his Hokey Pokey Elmo, his Elmo books and a ride on fire truck!

We spent the rest of the day playing, watching football and eating a great meal of cornish game hens! It was a great and relaxing day! If you ask me its the best way to spend Christmas day!!! (I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures to share)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Over the past few years Brett and I have started some Christmas traditions that we hope to continue through the years as well as add new traditions with our growing family! Christmas Eve is a day that we have together as a family at our house. So every year we have gone to the children's Christmas service and Brett's parents join us. Then they come back to our house for dinner.

After Brett's parents leave for the night we then let Ayden open one gift. Every year we buy him a book about the first christmas. This year we bought Ayden a book called The Christmas Prayer. I really liked it because the little girl goes through and thanks God for the gifts of the first christmas and the gifts are the people involved in the Christmas Story. I think it is great because it helps children understand who and why each person is important in the story. It also has wonderful pictures and is a board book.

We then read the christmas story out of the bible and also Ayden's new book. This year we decided to open all of our presents before bed as well. I was really excited for Ayden to open his choo-choo train because he had been pushing around the wrapped choo choo all week! I was curious if he would still play with it as much once he knew what was in it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Higgins Christmas

This year our Christmas celebrations stretched from the weekend before Christmas (celebrating with the Higgins side) until Christmas day (with the Williams) It was nice to get to spend a full day with each family a week apart from each other so we didn't feel pulled to thin.

We started our Christmases off with the Higgins. Due to some car issues we did not get to see my two younger brothers this year and we also didn't get to spend as much time with our nephew or my sister in law as we hoped but we still had a great time when we could be together. Brett had a wrestling tournament so Ayden and I went alone to my parents on Friday night. When we got up Saturday we headed uptown to see Santa! Ayden had seen Santa one other time at the tree farm and was not to sure about him. Still not very excited we tried to get him to sit with Santa. One of my dad's friends said if we could get a picture he would put it in the paper. (I have not heard anything yet...I don't think our pictures were the best). Ayden did give him a fist pound and a high 5 but that is all Santa was going to get.

After Santa we went to go visit my two great aunts. My Aunt Lenore is 98 and living in a nursing home. She had fun giving Ayden cookies and watching him explore her room. She loves cardinals so he always like to find the birds in her room. My other Great Aunt, Johanna, is 100 and still lives on her own. Ayden loves going over there but I always have to be on my toes! She has lots of breakables right at his level and he is getting much quicker! Luckily Aunt Joey has lots of great grandkids and is very understanding!!!

That night my brother and his family finally were able to get down to my parents. They got there at about 7:30 or 8ish. Brett also arrived around the same time. If you know Ayden well this is usually his bed time but he was a trooper! After everyone got dinner we started opening presents! It was fun to see Jacob pass out all the presents again...its always fun to see him try to maneuver the bigger gifts.

This was Ayden's first time opening presents since his birthday. I would say he really has it down now! He was pretty tired so he stayed in one spot and opened each gift! Then, the next morning he was able to play with his new stuff! Brett finally took him up to go to bed at about 10:30 or 11ish. Brett laid him down to put his PJ's on and by the time they were on Ayden was asleep!!!

The following day we went to church together and had a yummy turkey dinner. We were able to let the kids play, let the dad's nap and just relax in the afternoon. We headed home around 3ish.

It was a great time together! It is hard to get my family together especially on holidays since we are so spread out! We missed my two brothers but we are hoping they can come down here soon!