Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Year and New Additions to our Family!

Wow, looking back to 2008 a lot happened in our life including: getting married, my first year teaching, a new house, a dog, Brett's new job working at the Church, my brother and sister-in-law having their first baby, Jacob, Brett's sister getting married which included gaining two great nieces, Elizabeth and Maddie!  We have so much to be thankful for from the last year!

This year looks like it will also be filled with wonderful things!  Brett and I found out after Thanksgiving that we are going to have a baby!  I am about 11 weeks along and will be due on August 3rd.  This past Monday, we were able to hear the heartbeat!  It was crazy how fast thelittl little baby's heart is going!  They told us that it is 175 beats per min.  It was so amazing to hear it!  Brett and I are very excited for what this new year will bring us knowing that there is a baby on the way!  We have quite a few friends also expecting and it has been really fun to be able to share this new adventure with others that are in the same 'season of life'.