Monday, February 22, 2010

So Many Changes in Such a Little Time

This past week I feel like Ayden has reached so many milestones all at once so I feel like I should post about them while they are still fresh! I don't know if I noticed them more because Brett was out of town for 3 days at State Wrestling or if they were all big moments that happened at once. Either way this week has been very entertaining!!!

A little over a week ago at Big House Ayden learned how to do the "inch worm" where he would get up on all fours then dive forward. He never did it multiple times to get across the room but he knew if something was just out of reach this would help him. After he figured that out he was on his knees all day!!! He would move his knees and move his hands but not get anywhere. Starting Friday morning (Brett left Thursday) he figured out how to move them together just a little bit. His first attempt at actual crawling was after my cell phone. Check out the video on the previous post! Now he will crawl to get my phone, the dog, a very exciting toy and to me. It is not a quick crawl or a pretty crawl but I would call it crawling!!! I know I am a first time mom but I have been wanting Ayden to crawl for the last month because he has been so fussy because he can't get the things he wants and gets frusterated by that. Just in the last few days he has seemed much more content!!

With his mood change we can also get him to giggle all the time now! He loves things that result in cause and effect. Tonight after dinner we were all sitting at the table and he would make a noise and we would act startled and he would just giggle! I could listen to that sound all day long!!!

On Thursday of last week when Jordann, Ayden and I were playing on the floor I had put his activity table near him and for one of the first times he pulled him self up to standing. He had done it a few times before that so I sat him down again. Sure enough he did it again. We played this game a few more times until I knew he really knew he was meaning to do it. Now I have to be careful because he isn't the most balanced little boy yet and he will pull himself up on all of his toys even if they won't hold him. Resulting in many falls this week too! :) But nothing major!

Lastly we lowered his crib matress. This just makes me feel like he is such a little boy now!

My little baby is growing up very quickly!!!! But we are enjoying these changes!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here you go Daddy! We miss you!!!

This is a video of Ayden this morning getting so close to crawling. Brett is in Des Moines at state wrestling so I wanted to make sure he could see what I am seeing as Ayden gets closer and closer to crawling!