Friday, July 31, 2009

Ayden Joseph Williams

Ayden Joseph was born on Monday July 27th at 7:49 pm.  He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 1/2 inches.  

We were very blessed with a quick labor.  We went to our doctors appointment on Monday morning and the doctor checked me.  She told us that my water was ready to break.  She then asked us if we just wanted to have this baby today.  Brett and I were very excited and said yes!  Our wait was over.  We checked in at 2 pm and in less than 6 hours we had our son in our arms!  Both grandparents were able to meet him a little over an hour after he was born.  We were very blessed!  The whole thing could not have gone any better!!!

Here are a few pictures...We have not uploaded them all so I will be posting more later...enjoy these now!

Our first family picture!

Daddy and Ayden

Mommy and Ayden

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Waiting Game :)

This past month has been quite the waiting game!!  It started with the bathroom and is still going with the question of when we get to meet our little guy...

We decided this spring that we were going to remodel our bathroom.  When we moved in there was only a stand up shower and no tub.  With a baby on the way I felt it was important to have a bath tub.  So this spring Brett started demo in the bathroom and after school got out we completely gutted it and started to rebuild.  

We were very lucky during this process that Brett's parents opened their house to us for four weeks while we were waiting for everything to be installed...  We also are blessed to have such nice and understand neighbors, the Mackeys and the Hofferts to let us come over at anytime to use their bathroom  :)  

And four weeks later this is what it looks like...

 Not done but all in working order and we can sleep in our own bed! :)

I learned a lot during this remodel about being patient!  I also learned a lot about being a wife and trusting in your husband.  We made it through our first remodeling project and I am very confident that when we decided to tackle another it will go more smoothly and hopefully a little quicker :)  But I think I am very pleased with my house for a little while!

The second part to our waiting game is waiting on our little guy!  I am currently at 38 weeks and I will be 39 weeks on Monday.  Since 35 weeks the doctors have been saying that he is where he needs to be, and things are going the way they should.  I have dialated more each week and last week at my appointment she told me I was 3-4 cm and 90% effaced and he is very low!  All good things you want to hear!  Then she even said we will probably see you back later on today!  Well 5 days later I am still sitting at my house wondering is this feeling a contraction or is it not strong enough :)  

We have spent the last week doing lots of walking, eating spicy food, pineapple, four queens ice cream, and all the other things that people say to do to induce the baby...  So far nothing has worked.  I finally started to pray about it.  I have finally left it up to God.  He knew when I was supposed to get pregnant and he knows when this little guy will make his entrance!  I'm sure during these last few days (not weeks please) that I will still wonder about different feelings but I know that God has a plan for this baby boy and his plan is much better than mine!  We sing a song at Kidz Rock that says "he knew me before I took my first breath" and that is true.  He knows our son too and has a great plan for him!  A much better plan than I can have so I need to put my trust in the Lord and enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant and it just being Brett and I.  

I will end this very long post hoping that the next post will be with pictures of a new baby boy!!!