Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

On Saturday the kids were playing.  I went into the other room to do something and I came back to AJ very excited about something and Ahnie holding a baseball.  AJ started jumping up and down and told me what just happened....

AJ:  "Mommy, I telled Ahnie keep your eye on the ball!   I throwed it and she catched it!  She did it !  I coached her mom!"

It was so sweet!!!  I love that they are starting to play together more and more each day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Have a Houdini on Our Hands!

Yesterday, I took the kids to Kohls because they had major clearance sales!  As I was looking at a rack of clothes I left the kids in the main isle.  I came around the rack to find Ahnie's seat empty!!  Ayden started saying "Come here Ahnie!"  I quickly scanned the store and my little girl was in the middle of the main isle smiling back at me!  And there was a woman laughing who had been watching the whole thing making sure she didn't get hurt!  HAHA!  Wow, did I feel like a great mom...  Guess she needs to be buckled while shopping :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

9 Months

Weight: 21.5 lbs (90th%)
Height: 29.5 inches (95th%)
Head 17 cm (25th%)

Our baby girl is growing up so fast!!!  When I got out her stickers we were already on the last page (tear...).  These past 9 months have been so fun to watch her grow and develop her own personality and to notice the differences between her and her brother!  Ahnie and AJ's relationship is starting to develop and I just love how caring he is for her and how much she lights up and laughs at him!  So sweet!!!

This past month Ahnie has been feeding herself mainly.  I only feed her apple sauce and oatmeal.  Everything else she wants to feed herself!  This makes dinner time a lot easier.  We can all eat at the same time!  She is still a good eater!  We have tried grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, oranges, turkey sandwich, and corn.

Ahnie continues to sleep through the night.  She is a great sleeper!  She usually takes a nap for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Then she goes to sleep for the night around 7 and wakes up at 7 in the morning.

Ahnie is now standing by herself all the time!  She likes to push herself up from my legs on the floor and just stand by herself!  She has not taken any steps but is getting more and more balanced each day.  She is also getting very quick while she is crawling!  Nothing is off limits in our house anymore.  She has started putting everything in her mouth and she is very quick at this too!  She loves to look at you with a big grin, put something in her mouth and turns and crawl as fast as she can!

Ahnie loves to take baths now and if you are ever looking for her you can usually find her standing up at the bath tub!  If the door is open she is wanting in there.  Luckily she has not found the toilet yet.  But she has found Jacoby's water dish the few times we have played in the kitchen while I try getting something done.  She also has fun opening my cabinets and cleaning them out for me. :)

Ahnie has really started to babble a lot this month!  She is always saying something.  The only thing we have made out is dadada but not sure if she connects that to Brett.  If you ask AJ what Ahnie is saying he just says "she talks about dada a lot!"  She signs 'all done' and 'more'.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our 2 1/2 Year Old!

Ayden just turned 2 1/2 last week.  Wow, these months and years are flying by!  I had a friend from church with high school and college aged kids tell me "days are long but years are short".  I am beginning to understand what she means!!  Ayden is such a fun and active little two year old!  He still loves sports!  Right now he loves to wrestle and still play football.  His favorite wrestling buddy is Jacoby!  It is good because they wear each other out!  He likes to play basketball, volleyball and soccer at times too.

Ayden is such a little charmer!  He always knows what to say at just the right moment weather it is "I love you Mommy" or "Mommy you a pretty girl!" or "No, Daddy lets watch hawkeyes"...he knows how to get his parents wrapped around his little finger.  :)

Lately he has been treading the line of what is ok and what is not.  Wow, he has been pushing this a lot lately.  He usually goes through a few days of pushing then he is back to his good natured, obedient self but this stretch feels like it is taking a long time!  Some of the things he tries to get away with are climbing in the back of the van while I am buckling Ahnie in her seat,  sneaking food out of the pantry when it is not time to eat,  climbing on toys and our coffee table and running away when it is time to get ready to leave the house (I can't wait for days that we don't need hats and coats).

Ayden is a good eater and can use a big boy cup and all of his silver ware.  He loves cereal or pancakes for breakfast.  He like to eat Mac and Cheese, Quesadillas, and Hot Dogs for lunch and for dinner he loves Spaghetti, Chicken Noodle Soup or Pork Chops.  He will eat veggis if I give them to him and he loves all fruit!!!  He loves to help me bake and make baby food for Ahnie.

We spend most of our days playing sports or having dance parties.  He loves his songs from Big House and a few rap songs from the radio.  His current favorites are "Put a Smile On", "Like a Lion", "Pretty Girls", and "Moves Like Jegger".  He can be caught playing an air guitar and jumping on the couch or floor quite often during the day!!!

Ayden loves to talk and has plenty to say!!!  He has an amazing memory and tells us things that he remembers doing from this summer or even before!  He is starting to pretend or make up stories and they are pretty funny!  He likes to tell me what he is going to do when he is in Junior High and High School.  He can sing his ABC's and can count to 10.  He is still working on his colors.  Green is his favorite and calls it the packer color.

Ayden has been working on potty training for a month now.  He does pretty good with getting his pee in the potty only an accident here and there but we are getting much better at poopy in the potty.  We are still having accidents but there are more days with out now!  It is amazing what this little boy will do if a sticker is involved :)  That has helped with our crazy mornings since he is at a different place each day.

Ayden you are such a blessing to our family!  You can always make us laugh no matter if we are playing or you are in a time out!  You are a sweet, gentle, active, caring, loving, silly little boy!  
We love you soooo much!!!!