Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Potty Stories...

Lately AJ has been wanting to go potty like his daddy!  He had a friend come over that did this and he hadn't realized it was an option and since then he has been all about it!  This morning he said he needed to go potty and he wanted to do it like Daddy all by himself.  I said ok and make sure you aim!  Next thing I hear is "uh oh, it got it on my stool and the floor."  As I was going in there I was telling him he needs to remember to aim.  When I got in there he was looking at his stool and their was a BIG poopy on it and some on the floor.  We had to explain that daddy can't stand when he goes poopy....

The bummer is that we have been working so hard on getting our poopy in the potty (with some success this week!) and today he went to the bathroom in time just had a little misunderstanding...  We are going in the right direction I guess :)  I wanted to make sure I remember this because it gave us quite the laugh this morning!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday, while we were driving somewhere this was our conversation:

AJ:  Mommy, you push those buttons?
Me:  What buttons?
AJ:  That one, No that one, Try that one...
Me:  Hunny, I can't worry about those buttons right now I don't want to get into an accident.
AJ:  Why mommy?  You need to go poopy?

Can you tell what we have been talking about a lot at our house recently?!?

Monday, January 9, 2012


For some reason Ayden has not caught on to colors...  He knows what colors are and likes to guess what color something is but doesn't get it right to often.  He is very good at matching colors and activities like that but if you ask him what color something is he often picks the wrong color.

Yet, when he is watching sports he can tell you what team is playing because of the team colors!  On Christmas we were watching the Bulls and the Lakers playing and he kept saying it was the Tigers and the Vikings.  (Wrong sport but right colors)  When we started potty training I got a few of the candy cane m&m's on sale after christmas so all the m&m's are red and green.  Now after he goes potty he tells you if he would like a packer or a tiger m&m.  When I ask him what color the packer m&m he guesses green about 50% of the time and it can vary what other color he guesses.  When you ask him what color the tiger m&m is he often says black...

Well we will still work on our colors but thankfully we know our teams!!!  What would we do without sports?!?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Conversation Today!!

This afternoon we had a GREAT day!  When the kids woke up from their naps we meet some friends at the park (yes, on Jan. 5th) then headed to Brett's wrestling meet.  Both kids did great both at the park and at the meet!  I was so unsure about taking them to the meet by myself!  They showed me that they could do great!!!  After getting them buckled in the car and before we even made it out of our parking lot I hear this comment:

AJ:  "Thank you Mommy for taking me to the wrestling meet today!"
ME: "Your welcome, thank you for obeying!"
ME:  "I love you too Ayden!"
and he kept repeating this for a few blocks!!!

What a sweetheart!!!  My newest nick name from him is the little charmer!  He always says the right things at the right time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

8 Months...A month of firsts!

Ahnie turned 8 months old on Wednesday!  Wow this month was full of firsts and so much fun watching her do all these new things!  She started crawling soon after she turned 7 months.  By the weekend before Christmas she was getting pretty good at it!  By Christmas Eve she was pulling herself up to standing and could stay there for a long time!  She now can pull herself up on everything, her table, any toys, the couch, her crib and the bathtub!  She loves to babble and talks a lot!! When you say "So Big" she now lifts her arms up!  Its so cute!! And her latest is she just started waving hi.  When ever Brett comes home she stretches out her arm to him and does the cutest, girliest wave I have ever seen!  I just love it!!!  She also celebrated her first Christmas this past month.  (a later post on this)

Ahnie is getting pretty big!  She is wearing 12 month clothes and is in a convertible car seat because she grew out of her infant carrier.  We are finishing our pack of diapers in size 3 but she is very ready to be in size 4 diapers!

Ahnie still likes to eat but would rather pick up her own food.  It can be a struggle to feed her unless she has something to feed herself.  She eats lots of puffs, we just tried toast and also bananas.  The new foods she has tried is blueberries, peaches, cauliflower, cheese, toast, grapes and chicken.

This past month Ahnie has really started to be very aware of AJ.  She loves to crawl over to him and try to 'play' with him.  Usually he handles this pretty well except Christmas morning he was a little mad when she took his train track apart!  Other than that we have not had any problems between them.  I am sure this will change someday!  Today AJ was coloring and Ahnie noticed him so she started crawling towards him.  He noticed and started scooting backwards.  By the time he got to the gate and was stuck they were both laughing!  I just love watching things like that!

Enjoy her pictures...she is becoming increasingly harder to take the monthly pictures!!!