Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elmo Takes a Bath

Yesterday, I was making dinner and Brett and Ayden were playing. Then Brett calls for me to go into the bathroom with a laugh in his voice. Ayden has been pretty interested in going "poppy" (potty) so I was unsure what I was going to find. While when I went in there I saw Elmo standing in the toilet. Ayden at this point was in our room and came running over to me. I asked him what "bobo" was doing and all he said with a big smile is "Bobo bath..." :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

One More!

One of Ayden's newest phrases lately is "one more" and with this he holds up one finger right in front of his nose. It is too cute and he usually gets what he askes for when he does this...I just can't say no to that cute little face!! :) He usually uses this line the most right before bed time. He loves to say "one more hoop" which means he wants to shoot a basket or when we are cuddling on the couch and I tell him its time to go to bed he says "one more"!

What a sweet little boy we have! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Balls, Balls, Balls

Ayden LOVES sports!

I find myself playing, watching, and talking about some type of sport everyday with him. He can point out and say all the names for balls. He spends lots of time with his new basketball hoop! It is usually the first thing he plays with when he gets up and often he asked to do "one more hoop" before he goes to bed. He also loves to have people watch him do this and cheer for him. If you are not watching he will often come up to you and say "watch" then clap or yell until someone else does after he makes it. If he misses he usually yell 'oh man' or 'ahhh'. He has just started to run up to the hoop, bend down and "dribble" the ball then shoot. I think its so cute!!

He also loves to play baseball. He was given a baseball glove when he was born and now puts that around his wrist and then gets his ball and little bat and tries to hit the ball on his own. He used to want help with hitting the ball but it has been fun to watch him start to try things on his own. He also likes to throw it to you and to catch the ball too. He does much better catching the basketball but he does catch little balls sometimes.

When he plays football he now bends over to hike the ball between his legs then runs down the hall. He then turns around for a catch and yells "touchdown"!

He has started to notice when we get on the computer when he is awake and will come and close it so we will play with him. But, sometimes when I am on the computer he will start singing a song he wants me to play and when Brett is on the computer he will tell him the sport he wants to watch. Its usually football (he knows how to get his dad's attentions) and they watch different Hawkeye plays over and over! It is so cute to see them get excited and spend this time together!

What a little sporty toddler we have! I have always said I want active kids but I didn't realize what I was hoping for! Ayden is very busy these days but it is so fun to watch him run around and play so hard! Brett and I both grew up around sports and have enjoyed watching sports together while we dated and now into our marriage. I get excited that Ayden enjoys these things too but I understand that his interests will change over the years. He has such a passion for sports of all kinds now and I just pray that he keeps that passion his whole life no matter what he does!

32 Weeks

Wow, I can't believe I am at 32 weeks! I must say the second pregnancy has gone pretty slow for me up until this point! The first time around everything is new! You get to register, have baby showers, decorate the room and so on. The second time around I feel pretty prepared as far as all the baby items and the few new things I need or need to replace.

But, here we are 8 weeks away from our due date! Every week that goes by I get more excited to meet our baby girl! With the new week has come lots of the common discomforts. My back all of a sudden started hurting, I am starting to get tired again, its harder to get around and my clothes are starting to get tight... Even the clothes I wore at the very end of my pregnancy with Ayden!! I had expected this to happen but it is never fun when it does!

This next week Ayden and I are tagging along with Brett on his mission trip to God's Mountain in MO. I went along two years ago when I was preggo with Ayden and now back again this year. I pray for safe travels, the relationships we strengthen and the new ones we build with people on the trip, good sleeping conditions, spring weather, and a all around good trip! I am excited to slow down and just enjoy being outside, playing with Ayden and watching Ayden play with some new friends! It will be a great trip! But, when we get home I have told myself its will be time to get everything ready for the baby!! Get everything washed! The crib set up for a newborn again! Rearrange the kids room and ours to make sure everything is ready to go!

We are excited to enjoy the last weeks of a family of 3 but also excited to meet our baby girl and become a family of four!!!