Friday, March 7, 2014

Month 7 and 8

Boy oh boy do these months fly buy!  They go so quickly I forget to blog before the next month!  So, I will recap the last two months together.  These two months were very eventful and filled with some fun firsts for our baby girl.

At 6 months I commented on her mood because she was so fussy and that was so out of character for her.  Well that continued a little longer.  I decided to start supplementing with formula.  I would send formula when I was away from her or at work and when I would breastfeed I would give her a bottle as soon as she was done eating.  There were times she would drink a whole 4 oz after breastfeeding.  Poor girl, I think she was hungry.  After having a baby we have to regulate my thyroid meds again and I read that having a low thyroid (my problem with out medicine) can cause a low milk supply.  Since I had a high thyroid with the other two I had no idea that this could happen!  

Over the past two months she has perfected sitting up, rolling, she has gone to sitting from her tummy a couple of times and she gets on all 4s are rocks back and forth.  She is not crawling yet but is very close!  Although she can't crawl she can get to anything she would like.  She rolls from place to place and spins to get were she needs to go.  This is not an efficient way to travel but it does get her from place to place.  I am sure life will really change here in a few weeks!


ya is starting to learn how to be funny.  She makes this funny face where she scrunches up her eyes, nose and mouth and breathes really funny from her nose.  It makes me laugh every time so she does it again and again.  She also loves to play peek-a-boo.  She does this with her blanket or just on the floor.  She puts her head straight down on the floor and ways for you to say "Where is Mya" then up her head pops with a little giggle.  She thinks its funny when the kids crawl around her too.  Ayden and Ahnie are really starting to have fun with their sister these days!!  I can't wait till we can get outside and take her to the park for the first time.

Amaya is now completely on formula and usually drinks 4 six ounce bottles.  She is also eats 3 times a day and usually has a snack after her afternoon nap.  She is pretty predictable these days and has been much better with her schedule while I am at work.  She gets up around 7 drinks a bottle and eats breakfast.  Naps around 9 then has a bottle and lunch at 11.  Naps again at 12:30 or 1 until about 3.  Then has another bottle and sometimes a snack.  Eats dinner around 5:30 and a bottle before bed at 7.  She sleeps great at night!!!  We lay her down at 7 and she is out right away!  She loves to sleep on her side or tummy and cuddles with her blanket.  She is sooo sweet when she sleeps.  We lay her in the pack n play in our room until Ahnie is asleep then we put her in her room for the night.  This sometimes gives me a good reason to cuddle her before I go to bed.  She is still so cuddly and I just love that!!!

Amaya wears size 3 diaper and is mostly in 9 month clothes but is moving into her 12 month stuff.  Her hair is getting so long and now we have to put it up in a pony most days.  I have even gotten it in pig tails once.  So cute!  It is always the first comment everyone makes when they see you!  Its always, wow she has a lot of dark hair!  I think it will lighten up as soon as it gets warm enough to play outside.  The roots are pretty light so the rest will lighten up soon!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Will I Do With a Daughter?

I remember back to when I found out Ahnie was a girl, I was surprised and unsure if I knew how to raise a girl.  I spent most of my time from age 9 on babysitting for a family of all boys.  Actually most of the families I babysat for were boys.  I had always thought I would have boys, not for any particular reason I just thought that way, so when we opened the envelop that read "It's a GIRL!" I was a little unsure what that would look like.

Well, let me tell you!  Its lots of PINK and PURPLE!  Its cheerleaders and princesses (even though I always said I wouldn't let the P word in my house haha you should never say NEVER).  Its drama!  Its hair pretties, bows and tears when we comb her hair.  Its giggles and tutus.  Its nail polish and getting into moms makeup.  So many fun things I can't even write them all down!  God new what he was doing when he blessed us with not only 1 girl but 2 girls!  I can't wait to do all these fun girly things with Amaya too when she gets a little older!

I feel like this week I have slowed down a little bit and forget my to do list and just enjoyed being a mom for a few minutes and really embrace raising a girl!

This weekend I was in the mood to just go shopping!  Not looking for anything in particular but just go shopping.  While I decided Ahnie was getting to the age that she could come too and we could just shop!  She LOVED it!  I quickly realized it was all about her and I didn't get to look at my things for very long but we had so much fun together!  We finished our shopping date at Applebee's enjoying lunch together.  I hope that is something that we continue to do together!!!

Tonight I was busy scrubbing the floors (something that doesn't happen often enough) and Ahnie kept coming in with different dresses on and telling me she was going to go to West City and going to a wedding!  She was so excited and kept twirling around.  I asked her if I could come and she said yes. I quickly finished scrubbing the floor and went into my room and put on a bridesmaid dress I had in my closet.  Ahnie was sooooo excited when I came out in it.  She lit up and couldn't wait to go to the "wedding".  She told me to hop in the bus. (AJ always goes to "sports games" and has to take the bus which in our house is the stairs)  I decided to take it a step further and tell her we needed to get in the limo!  She loved it and I went and got champagne glasses with water and we pretended we were in the limo!  So much fun!!!  I need to remember to enjoy raising my girls!  These years are going to slip by and before I know it we will be shopping for Prom and her Wedding!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 Months Old

I can't believe in 6 months we will be celebrating our baby girls' 1st birthday!  She is changing and growing so quickly these days!  This month Amaya has been working on sitting up like a big girl and grabbing at everything!!  She loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on.  She loves her big brother!  When he comes over to her she just stares at him with a big smile!  She LOVES the jumperoo!  I feel bad because the music and lights don't work any more but I think she loves it even more than the other kids.  It might be because the lights don't work so jumping is the best part.  At the end of the month she started to be able to roll off her tummy.  She is not a pro at it yet and will cry before she tries to roll to her back but she can get it when I am to busy to help her.  Sorry baby girl. :)

This month has been interesting as far as her mood!  She has been the most easy, laid back baby we have had and thats saying a lot because all of my kids are pretty easy going.  This month was a much different story!  She cried non stop for a good couple hours one week (once for me, once for Brett and once for Kristen) so I decided to take her to the doctor.  They could not find anything wrong with her.  This kept up most of break and into January.  I waited until her 6 month check up to rule out an ear infection.  Dr. Vansickle said that she had the best looking ears all day I have not started to wonder if its because she is not getting enough the drink.  Since I am still breastfeeding I never know how much she is getting and I have felt like my milk supply has been up and down.  Dr. Vansickle did remind me that even a little breast milk is beneficial so the last couple days I have been supplementing with formula after I feed her.  It can be a pain but I will say her temperament has been much better!

At her 6 month check up she was 25 1/4 inches long (50%) and 16 lbs 11 oz (50-75%) and 16 3/4 inches in her head (50%).  She is much more proportionate than her brother and sister were.  They were always 90% in height and weight and 20% in the head.  She is our little peanut and I love that she gets a little more wear out of her clothes before going to the next size!

Amaya has started to find her voice, but, a little different than most babies I would say.  She blows raspberries all the time and has just started this squawk, it sounds like a pterodactyl!  I call her my little dinosaur!  Its so funny.  I keep saying consonant sounds at her and she just smiles and squawks back!  It is quite funny!

I must also add that her pictures look a little funny this month because about a week before Amaya turned 6 months old Ahnie thought it was a good idea to get our Amaya's stickers.  Well she ripped the 6 months and the sticky part was almost gone when I found her.  She felt very bad!  I didn't bring it up again and when I told Ahnie that Amaya was 6 months old she quickly ran over to her and said "I sorry Mya about your stickers!"  Mya did have lots of fun playing with the sticker this month though!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Months 4 and 5!

These months seem to fly by lately so I will write months 4 and 5 together.  I am not combining them because of the lack of things to write as baby Amaya is changing so quickly!

In the last two months we have some first!!  You now can roll over from you back to your tummy.  You don't love being on your tummy for a long time but it is a new fun trick and you will play there for a little bit, then you are ready for us to flip you back over.  You love your floor mat still and you just found the mirror and that is your favorite part these days!  You will lay a pull on it and talk to that pretty girl in the mirror.  If we prop you up you will sit for a while!  You love the new view of life!  You love just watching your brother and sister!  I am sure you will be right on their heels one of these days!  The other new toy you are enjoying is our Jumperoo!  Again it gives you a new view of the house!  We have that downstairs so you get to jump around while seeing your brother and sisters silly games they play!  You also get a good view of the TV from the Jumperoo!  You favorite show so far is Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

You are not as cuddly as you once were!  You love your bed and blankie when you are tired.  I just lay you down give you your blanket and you are out sometimes before I leave the room.  You are finally getting a very predicable schedule no matter where you are for daycare.  Also at night you now go down at 7 (in mommys room in the pack n play so sissy won't wake you up) then we move you to your bed once Sissy is sleeping.  You sleep through the night and wake around 7.

You are in 6 month clothes and wear size 2 diapers.  Everyone comments on how big you are but you are definally the peanut of the kids.  Ayden and Ahnie both weighed in at 16 lbs at 4 months and you were right at 15 lbs. You had your 2nd round of shots at that appointment and these were a little harder on you.  Kristen text me the next day saying you were having a hard morning and a slight fever.  I forgot to tell her you had your shots because you didn't have any of those symptoms the last time.

Amaya, we just love you!  Your cheeks are so kissable and your smile is contagious!  You are such an easy baby and go with the flow!  Your brother and sister always want to hold you and get you anything you need and you just eat it up.  You are very even kiel and you don't get very mad or happy at any one time.  You are very content almost always!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Tradition

I just love Christmas time, as it is a time to celebrate traditions new and old!  A time for Brett and I to remember back to our childhood and decide what traditions to continue with our kids and what traditions we want to make new for our children.

One of my favorite memories as a child is all 6 of us hoping in our big station wagon and going to pick out our Christmas tree!  We always had a fresh tree but we just went to the tree farm and picked one that was already cut down for us.  I love the smell of pine in my home and I love the imperfection of a real christmas tree!  Its fun to look and see which one looks perfect and would be perfect for our space year to year.

Since I was pregnant with Ayden we started going out to Kris Kringle and cutting down our own fresh tree!  They have lots of fun things to do while you are there.  Most years we go out quickly on a week night after we are done with work.  This doesn't leave much time for the extra fun or else its too cold to enjoy the fire.  This year was different!  It was about 40 degrees and a great afternoon!  We headed out and the kids were able to run around from tree to tree!  They were hiding the jumping out at us, throwing snow balls and just having fun!  Brett and I a little more serious about finding a tree while the kids just enjoyed the open area and fresh air!  Its so funny how hard it is to find the right tree when you are in the middle of a hundreds of them!  Then you find the best one and walk away and can't remember which one it was.

Once we found the perfect tree we got it tagged and headed in for some fun!  Santa was there and Amaya sat on his lap and Ayden stood next to him and told him all about his love of sports.  Ahnie wasn't so sure so she just waved and kept her distance.  We got hot apple cider and a cookie (which the dog ate from Ahnie) then we headed out to the big fire and roasted marshmallows for a yummy s'more (which the dog also ate from Ahnie).  We ran into our friends the Pauli's while we were there.  They live is a house that has really tall ceilings so they got a HUGE tree!  It was funny to watch them shake it!  haha

It was a great afternoon and so fun!  We got the tree home, put up the lights and decorated the tree!  The kids loved looking at all the ornaments!  Our tree is very far from being featured in any magazine but I love it because we picked it out, decorated it together and get to sit by it each night and read our Christmas stories!  It is like each of us, far from perfect but fits so wonderfully in our family!