Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Will I Do With a Daughter?

I remember back to when I found out Ahnie was a girl, I was surprised and unsure if I knew how to raise a girl.  I spent most of my time from age 9 on babysitting for a family of all boys.  Actually most of the families I babysat for were boys.  I had always thought I would have boys, not for any particular reason I just thought that way, so when we opened the envelop that read "It's a GIRL!" I was a little unsure what that would look like.

Well, let me tell you!  Its lots of PINK and PURPLE!  Its cheerleaders and princesses (even though I always said I wouldn't let the P word in my house haha you should never say NEVER).  Its drama!  Its hair pretties, bows and tears when we comb her hair.  Its giggles and tutus.  Its nail polish and getting into moms makeup.  So many fun things I can't even write them all down!  God new what he was doing when he blessed us with not only 1 girl but 2 girls!  I can't wait to do all these fun girly things with Amaya too when she gets a little older!

I feel like this week I have slowed down a little bit and forget my to do list and just enjoyed being a mom for a few minutes and really embrace raising a girl!

This weekend I was in the mood to just go shopping!  Not looking for anything in particular but just go shopping.  While I decided Ahnie was getting to the age that she could come too and we could just shop!  She LOVED it!  I quickly realized it was all about her and I didn't get to look at my things for very long but we had so much fun together!  We finished our shopping date at Applebee's enjoying lunch together.  I hope that is something that we continue to do together!!!

Tonight I was busy scrubbing the floors (something that doesn't happen often enough) and Ahnie kept coming in with different dresses on and telling me she was going to go to West City and going to a wedding!  She was so excited and kept twirling around.  I asked her if I could come and she said yes. I quickly finished scrubbing the floor and went into my room and put on a bridesmaid dress I had in my closet.  Ahnie was sooooo excited when I came out in it.  She lit up and couldn't wait to go to the "wedding".  She told me to hop in the bus. (AJ always goes to "sports games" and has to take the bus which in our house is the stairs)  I decided to take it a step further and tell her we needed to get in the limo!  She loved it and I went and got champagne glasses with water and we pretended we were in the limo!  So much fun!!!  I need to remember to enjoy raising my girls!  These years are going to slip by and before I know it we will be shopping for Prom and her Wedding!

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