Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 Months Old

I can't believe in 6 months we will be celebrating our baby girls' 1st birthday!  She is changing and growing so quickly these days!  This month Amaya has been working on sitting up like a big girl and grabbing at everything!!  She loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on.  She loves her big brother!  When he comes over to her she just stares at him with a big smile!  She LOVES the jumperoo!  I feel bad because the music and lights don't work any more but I think she loves it even more than the other kids.  It might be because the lights don't work so jumping is the best part.  At the end of the month she started to be able to roll off her tummy.  She is not a pro at it yet and will cry before she tries to roll to her back but she can get it when I am to busy to help her.  Sorry baby girl. :)

This month has been interesting as far as her mood!  She has been the most easy, laid back baby we have had and thats saying a lot because all of my kids are pretty easy going.  This month was a much different story!  She cried non stop for a good couple hours one week (once for me, once for Brett and once for Kristen) so I decided to take her to the doctor.  They could not find anything wrong with her.  This kept up most of break and into January.  I waited until her 6 month check up to rule out an ear infection.  Dr. Vansickle said that she had the best looking ears all day I have not started to wonder if its because she is not getting enough the drink.  Since I am still breastfeeding I never know how much she is getting and I have felt like my milk supply has been up and down.  Dr. Vansickle did remind me that even a little breast milk is beneficial so the last couple days I have been supplementing with formula after I feed her.  It can be a pain but I will say her temperament has been much better!

At her 6 month check up she was 25 1/4 inches long (50%) and 16 lbs 11 oz (50-75%) and 16 3/4 inches in her head (50%).  She is much more proportionate than her brother and sister were.  They were always 90% in height and weight and 20% in the head.  She is our little peanut and I love that she gets a little more wear out of her clothes before going to the next size!

Amaya has started to find her voice, but, a little different than most babies I would say.  She blows raspberries all the time and has just started this squawk, it sounds like a pterodactyl!  I call her my little dinosaur!  Its so funny.  I keep saying consonant sounds at her and she just smiles and squawks back!  It is quite funny!

I must also add that her pictures look a little funny this month because about a week before Amaya turned 6 months old Ahnie thought it was a good idea to get our Amaya's stickers.  Well she ripped the 6 months and the sticky part was almost gone when I found her.  She felt very bad!  I didn't bring it up again and when I told Ahnie that Amaya was 6 months old she quickly ran over to her and said "I sorry Mya about your stickers!"  Mya did have lots of fun playing with the sticker this month though!

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