Friday, January 3, 2014

Months 4 and 5!

These months seem to fly by lately so I will write months 4 and 5 together.  I am not combining them because of the lack of things to write as baby Amaya is changing so quickly!

In the last two months we have some first!!  You now can roll over from you back to your tummy.  You don't love being on your tummy for a long time but it is a new fun trick and you will play there for a little bit, then you are ready for us to flip you back over.  You love your floor mat still and you just found the mirror and that is your favorite part these days!  You will lay a pull on it and talk to that pretty girl in the mirror.  If we prop you up you will sit for a while!  You love the new view of life!  You love just watching your brother and sister!  I am sure you will be right on their heels one of these days!  The other new toy you are enjoying is our Jumperoo!  Again it gives you a new view of the house!  We have that downstairs so you get to jump around while seeing your brother and sisters silly games they play!  You also get a good view of the TV from the Jumperoo!  You favorite show so far is Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

You are not as cuddly as you once were!  You love your bed and blankie when you are tired.  I just lay you down give you your blanket and you are out sometimes before I leave the room.  You are finally getting a very predicable schedule no matter where you are for daycare.  Also at night you now go down at 7 (in mommys room in the pack n play so sissy won't wake you up) then we move you to your bed once Sissy is sleeping.  You sleep through the night and wake around 7.

You are in 6 month clothes and wear size 2 diapers.  Everyone comments on how big you are but you are definally the peanut of the kids.  Ayden and Ahnie both weighed in at 16 lbs at 4 months and you were right at 15 lbs. You had your 2nd round of shots at that appointment and these were a little harder on you.  Kristen text me the next day saying you were having a hard morning and a slight fever.  I forgot to tell her you had your shots because you didn't have any of those symptoms the last time.

Amaya, we just love you!  Your cheeks are so kissable and your smile is contagious!  You are such an easy baby and go with the flow!  Your brother and sister always want to hold you and get you anything you need and you just eat it up.  You are very even kiel and you don't get very mad or happy at any one time.  You are very content almost always!

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