Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Tradition

I just love Christmas time, as it is a time to celebrate traditions new and old!  A time for Brett and I to remember back to our childhood and decide what traditions to continue with our kids and what traditions we want to make new for our children.

One of my favorite memories as a child is all 6 of us hoping in our big station wagon and going to pick out our Christmas tree!  We always had a fresh tree but we just went to the tree farm and picked one that was already cut down for us.  I love the smell of pine in my home and I love the imperfection of a real christmas tree!  Its fun to look and see which one looks perfect and would be perfect for our space year to year.

Since I was pregnant with Ayden we started going out to Kris Kringle and cutting down our own fresh tree!  They have lots of fun things to do while you are there.  Most years we go out quickly on a week night after we are done with work.  This doesn't leave much time for the extra fun or else its too cold to enjoy the fire.  This year was different!  It was about 40 degrees and a great afternoon!  We headed out and the kids were able to run around from tree to tree!  They were hiding the jumping out at us, throwing snow balls and just having fun!  Brett and I a little more serious about finding a tree while the kids just enjoyed the open area and fresh air!  Its so funny how hard it is to find the right tree when you are in the middle of a hundreds of them!  Then you find the best one and walk away and can't remember which one it was.

Once we found the perfect tree we got it tagged and headed in for some fun!  Santa was there and Amaya sat on his lap and Ayden stood next to him and told him all about his love of sports.  Ahnie wasn't so sure so she just waved and kept her distance.  We got hot apple cider and a cookie (which the dog ate from Ahnie) then we headed out to the big fire and roasted marshmallows for a yummy s'more (which the dog also ate from Ahnie).  We ran into our friends the Pauli's while we were there.  They live is a house that has really tall ceilings so they got a HUGE tree!  It was funny to watch them shake it!  haha

It was a great afternoon and so fun!  We got the tree home, put up the lights and decorated the tree!  The kids loved looking at all the ornaments!  Our tree is very far from being featured in any magazine but I love it because we picked it out, decorated it together and get to sit by it each night and read our Christmas stories!  It is like each of us, far from perfect but fits so wonderfully in our family!

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