Monday, August 26, 2013

Ayden's 4th Birthday Party

Ayden turned 4 on July 27th.  I still can't believe my baby is 4 years old!  This summer (just like summers past) he has been obsessed with Baseball!  He LOVES to spend time at the field with his dad weather it is at practice, helping him with the field, playing in the cages or hanging out with the baseball players.  Many days you can find him out in the yard playing his baseball games!  We have games "scheduled" every day and most days we have more than one game!  Ayden also was able to start T-ball this year.  After sitting at his first game I thought to myself, what better birthday party for my little guy than to just invite friends to a baseball field to play baseball!Well once I realized that I would have a 2 week old at his party we would go easy this year!
Home Run!

We had his birthday this year a week early because Brett was still planning on going on Caravan which left on his actual birthday.  We invited some friends out to the tiger baseball field and we played a game of tball!  Everyone had a blast including the dads and grandpas!  We then had some fruit cups cake and ice cream and opened presents.  When the party was over we headed home with both sets of grandparents and Ayden's cousin Jake from Wisconsin!  At our house we ordered pizza and Ayden opened his present from us....a new bike!!  After dinner and when all the guests left we headed up to the high school to practice riding our new bike!  Everyday he gets more and more comfortable at riding!!

Kyler's big hit!
It was a great birthday party!  Most  years the grandmas are stuck in the kitchen and I am running around making sure everything is going well.  This year everyone was able to play and visit with each other.  There was absolutely nothing to take care of and we were just able to enjoy everyone coming together to celebrate our little mans birthday!  By far the best birthday and I will be continuing the tradition of easy birthday parties!
JoJo and Ahnie

JoJo running for home!

Norah all ready to play!

Cake time!

Opening Presents

Kyler autographing the ball!

Brett had all his friends sign his baseball!

Jake playing 1st base!

Tiger baseball players and coaches!  Thanks guys!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Amaya is 1 month old

Our sweet little girlie, Amaya turned 1 month old on August 3rd.  Her first month went very smoothly and she has been a very easy baby.  She goes with the flow and fits the 3rd child well.  She is oh so cuddly and also is good at sleeping just about anywhere!

At one month old she was waking up usually 2 times a night and would do a 5 hour stretch and a 4 hour stretch.  She slept in our room the whole first month.  I really grew to love the mid night feedings because I could relax and it was just us!  Something that is very far a few between when you have 3 kids 4 and under!

Amaya passed her birth weight and was 8 lbs 14 oz at her 2 week check up and a week later we got her weighed again and she had gain almost a full pound!  She was 9 lbs 13 oz.  Just like her brother and sister!  She is in 3  month clothes and wearing size 1 diapers.

She is on a good 3 hour schedule and typically can stay awake for a short time after each feeding.  The later it gets in the day the more sleepy she gets and by evening she spends most of her time sleeping.

Amaya likes her swing, and laying on the floor.  She also likes to sit in her bouncy seat while I shower (its about the only time she likes to sit in there but she loves the dark/light contrasts in our basement bathroom).  I love it because I can actually get a decent shower and she just looks around happy as can be.

Ayden and Ahnie have loved on her from the moment they met her!  At about 3 weeks old Ahnie started to realize that Amaya was here to stay and started saying things like "Mommy you not hold Amaya, you hold me?"  if I would ever hold Ahnie.  That is when we started taking Ahnie on some special trips to the store or a few dates by herself!  She never once took it out on Amaya but we could see that she needed some special time too.

 Amaya, you have fit right into our family!  We all love to give you kisses!  Ahnie loves to tell everyone she sees that she has a baby sissy and her favorite thing to do it hold you!  Ayden loves to hold you too!  Usually in the morning he will ask to hold you and he will cuddle you for a while!  You are soo sweet and both your mommy and daddy love your cuddles as well!  Everyone that meets you comments on your beautiful, full head of hair!  We wonder if you will keep it.  We are excited to see you grow and change in the next months.  Love, Mommy