Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daydreaming About Our Baby Girl!

I find myself sitting here feeling our little girl move around (all the time!) and it I am starting to feel her different body parts, her arms/legs, her little feet! I can't help but daydream of what she will look like and the first time I get to hold her! I remember looking at Ayden after he was born and thinking, wow, how did I make such a perfect little baby. Now, I am making another perfect baby! This is truly one of God's amazing miracles! I can't wait to meet her and see what her personality is like! I can't wait to see how Brett is with his daughter! And, I can't wait for Ayden to come to the hospital and meet his baby "sissy" for the first time!

The first time around I was so excited about getting his room ready, and making sure I had all the clothes I needed and making sure my house was clean and ready for life to stop when we brought home our little boy. Now, since the kids will be sharing a room we aren't changing to much and I realize I don't NEED a lot of things for a new baby and I am just focusing on the nacessities till she arrives. Now, I have more time to be excited about this little girl still growing inside me! And, how our life will change when she comes. I know the first child is a major change because life is so different when you have to start thinking about naptime and feedings and where we can go that I can get a stroller around. But, I can't help to wonder how life will be with two kids! How will Brett's and my relationship change again? How will Ayden react to this baby coming into his world? Will he be able to share his Mommy? Will I be able to enjoy the summer with Ayden at the pool and park between feedings?

So many exciting changes to come in about 2 months! I can't wait to see how our family changes and grows in the months to come!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Such A Sweet Boy

Tonight, while I was getting Ayden ready for bed he kept talking about the baby! When looking at him you could tell he was thinking and all of a sudden he came over and lifted up my shirt and was pointing to the "baby". Then he proceeded to take his binky out and try to stick it in my belly button then he went and got his blanket and covered most of my belly. Then he gave my tummy a hug and a kiss. He is very excited about his baby sissy and I am so excited to see his reaction when he meets her!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A 1 Year Old's Perfect Weekend!

A couple weeks ago Ayden and I had a special weekend planned! We headed to the cities when I got off work on Friday. When we got to the cities we met up with my best friend growing up, Ali. It was so great to see her and for her to see Ayden again! I don't think she has seen him for almost a year! She was surprised to see how much he has grown and loved hearing him talk!

We went shopping for a bit at Ikea then headed to the Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America! What a cool place to eat! Ayden loved looking at everything around. We sat in the Elephant area and our table was right next to a big fish tank! Ayden loved it except during the thunderstorms. We spent a lot of time finding the monkeys, birds, elephants, fish and many other animals! He sat so well and let his mommy and her friend sit and catch up! Ali kept saying, wow I can't believe how good he is! I took the complement but reminded her that he had a lot to take in. He isn't always that good when we are out to eat.

Ali, Ayden and Mommy

We then got back in the car and drove to my brother and sister-in-laws house. We got there at about 8 and let the kids stay up and play! This was the first time I really saw Jake and Ayden play together! They were all over and had so much fun! At one point Jake ran upstairs to get some water and Adyen went half way up and started yelling "Madison" (Madi and him like to yell at eachother to come play) I reminded him it was Jake so then he started yelling "Jake!" and Jake ran down stairs. They spent lots of time putting the balls back on the pool table for Bobby and running around the furniture playing tag! What a fun night!

The next morning was the morning I was waiting for for a long time! Sesame Street Live!!! Ayden was going to see the big "Bobo" (Elmo)! We went with Jake and Jen. Both boys really didn't understand what we were going to do but I think they both really enjoyed the show! Ayden loved pointing out each character and Jake liked dancing! The show was about 1.5 hours and Ayden made it a little over an hour. At that point we had lost his binky so we had to go out for the last 10 minutes. Other than that he did great!! I was so happy I was able to take him and we had such a good time together! We also happened to sit a few rows behind my 2nd cousin's family so we were able to catch up with them a little after the show! Small world!

Jake, Ayden and Mommy

Jake Dancing

The show!

Ayden watching the show in his Elmo shirt!!

Well, after all that fun we got back in the car and headed home! Ayden was asleep as soon as we backed out of our parking spot so I decided we would wait to get out of the cities before we ate lunch. I let him sleep for 1.5 hours and had to stop so then we got to eat at McDonalds! (We rarely go there so this was a treat!) After lunch Ayden stayed awake the whole trip! I was so thankful for our new DVD player for the van from Brett's parents! We watched lots of Barney and Bobo!

When we got home we had just enough time to change and back in the car but this time we were with daddy. We went to Luke and Katie's Patterson's Wedding! It was so beautiful and I loved being able to sit back and enjoy the ceremony. Ayden on the other hand did not want to sit. Thankfully Brett took him out and let his run around a bit. When we got to the reception we sat with our good friends the Hoffert's and the Oakland's. We were right by the dance floor so the kids had so much fun running and dancing out there before dinner! I couldn't get any pictures of all the kids so here they all are perfecting their own dance moves :)

Ayden running then falling down!

Jordann spinning!

Madison's One Legged Bear Crawl!

Ayden's splits!
What an awesome weekend Ayden and I had! I was very tired by the end but I could not have asked for a more well behaved boy!!! I know I will remember this weekend for a long time!