Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scrub A Dub Dub

We decided to give Jacoby a bath one morning this summer!  What a fun activity for a 2 year old!  AJ had a blast and I think Jacoby liked all the attention expect being tied down so he couldn't run away.  Slightly unfair but needed! :)  Enjoy the pictures:
Bath Time!

Come back here Jacoby!

I gunna get ya!
No Mercy!!

Our precious little girl having fun in the water oblivious to all the fun her brother is having!

Are we done yet?!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spotlight to Ahnie's Personality

Tonight, while I was finishing up baths I got Ahnie out first so AJ could play in the bath for a few minutes by himself.  He likes to do his "Wipe Out" moves which are a little too rough for Ahnie.  As I was watching AJ all of a sudden I hear Ahnie running down the hall.  She pokes her head in the bathroom just long enough for us to see she has AJ's binky in her mouth and turns as fast as she can and runs out of the bathroom.  AJ starts whinning and I get him out of the bath.  When we walk out there she is cuddled up on his blanket giggling. 

If you know AJ well, these are his two favorite things and he does not like to share!  She gave them back right away.  It gave us all a good laugh!  Gotta love the simple things!  She sure is sponkey and has a little sense of humor! I think she will be able to hold her own with her big brother as they grow.