Saturday, October 26, 2013

Amaya at 3 Months

Amaya turned 3 months old on Oct. 3rd.  She is starting to smile more and is finding her voice.  She likes to coo at her animal friends in the bouncy seat and on our play mat.  She is quite the 3rd child!  She is very laid back and can usually wait for most things.  But, when it gets quiet and the house starts to settle down I think it might be her favorite time, cuddle time!  We love this cuddle time together!  It seems weather I have fed her for the last time or not she finds herself cuddling with either mommy or daddy.  For her sake if we laid her down in bed her sister would probably wake her up any way.  I love this time because in our day it is one of the few times I can have just her!

By 3 months old she had started to stretch her feedings to 3.5 hours.  So her schedule looks something like this:  7 am eat, play until she naps at 8:30.  10:30 eat play until she naps again at 12:30, eat at 2 and play until she takes a final nap around 4.  5:30 eat and stay awake and play until you are tired then I feed you until you fall asleep.  Then we usually get to cuddle until about 9 or 9:30 and you let me lay you down and you finish your night in your bed!  You sleep through the night and often even sleep in until 8 on the weekend!  Seriously what baby does that?!?!  You are amazing Amaya and I often look at you in ahh that you are ours!  She fits into our family perfectly and I can't wait to see her personality mold into the girl you are meant to be!

Amaya is holding on to her dark hair for now.  I think it is becoming a little brownish red and it just keeps getting longer!  It has thinned a little in the back but everything else is staying as of now!  That is always every ones first comment when they see you.

Amaya is in a great schedule at daycare!  She spends Monday morning with her grandparents, Tuesday and Thursday with Kristen and all the fun kids at her house and then Weds. and Friday with her Daddy at home.  I love the schedule we have and I love that my kids get an opportunity to be with each of these people while I am at work!  It makes going to work most days much easier!!!

Amaya has not rolled over yet but she love to roll to her side.  Often times she sleeps like this.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I asked Ayden what his favorite part of the day was today and he said play Bros at school.  I had to ask what this was and he said like house but only bros.  His best buddies at school all pretended to be brothers and play together.  He then said that he wanted a real bro.  I asked like you mean another baby in my tummy?  And he said yes!  I will pray to God for it tonight.  And sure enough at the dinner table he asked God for a baby bro.

Oh boy!  I need to get used to my 3 before we even start thinking about that...