Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ahnie is 11 Months Old!

We are walking!!!
One month and we will have a 1 year old!!!  Better get all my ideas together from pinterest!  I am getting very excited to get all her birthday things ready!!  We are going with the Very Hungary Caterpillar Theme!

This past month was again filled with firsts and very fun!  Ahnie started taking steps at 10 months and 2 days!!!  She would walk just a couple steps if we stood her up in the middle of the floor and held out our arms.  By the end of the month she was walking everywhere first then when she would fall she would just crawl the rest of the way.  She is up to 8-10 steps!!

"All Done"
She is also very animated now!  She thinks everything is funny!!  I just love her belly laugh that AJ can always get out of her.  The other day we were at Target and AJ would grab her hand and shake it and say "Nice to meet you Ahnie" then kiss her hand.  She thought it was sooo funny!  She now will do puppy when you ask and sometimes will make a "mmmm" sound for cow.  She loves to wave Hi and Bye and blow kisses.  She also reaches her arms out if she is walking to you and will reach up for you to pick her up!

We are now up to 3 teeth and the 4th is poking out!  Wow, does she get every symptom in the book when she gets teeth!  She doesn't eat well, gets a diaper rash, won't sleep, is fussy, drools and even a runny nose.  It is a very big ordeal when we have a new tooth coming in!  And we still have a long way to go since we only have 3 teeth...

The last first is not a fun one but she got the stomach flu for the first time.  She came down with it right before I was going to head home from visiting my parents during spring break while Brett was in California.  So we decided to stay another night and it was the best decision I could have made!  I was very thankful for my parents during that time (and always).

Pushing her new stroller!!
This past month Ahnie has been able to play outside a lot and I can say we have a few pairs of pants that are her outside pants!  With her mainly crawling she ruins pants so quickly now while we are outside!  I am so ready for her to walk!!  She loves being outside and on the move!

She really likes filling things up and dumping them out right now!  I got out our Sunshine Market from DT the other day and she loves the little shopping cart that comes with it and all the pieces!  She also loves walking with her new walker I got for her!  It is a baby stroller and she even finds her babies to put in the seat!  So sweet!

Our baby girl is really starting to grow into a little girl.  She is so fun and makes us laugh so much each day!  We could not imagine life without her in our family!  I love thinking back to 1 year ago while I was very pregnant and wondering what life would be like with 2 kids!  It is wonderful and I wouldn't change anything!  Except to slow down time :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caught Red Handed

I asked Ayden to watch his sister when I went down to do a load of laundry I came up to find Ayden playing on our Kindle Fire (the one thing that is off limits to him if we are not helping him).  I love that Ahnie is trying to give him the case...like here if your going to use it you better put it in the case!  

I am sure these two will get in lots more trouble together as the years go on :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hawkeye Sign

Today we were going to Walmart and the light was yellow.  AJ said "Mom, look at the Hawkeye sign"...I asked where and by that point it was a Tiger (red) sign.  Then I realized he was talking about the stop light.  We still see colors in terms of sports but if you make him say the color we finally know the right color for red, green, blue, and yellow.  So we talked about what each color means when mommy is driving so he was telling me what to do ex: "Its packers, go, go, go!"  "Tiger sign Mommy stop!"  While we were on our way I hear "Oh no Mom!  That was Tiger!  You didn't stop" and when I looked back at him his hand was on his forehead. I was probably the 3rd car back when it changed so I was pretty confident that I didn't run a red light but it was pretty funny how concerned he was!

No, No Ahnie

I think we have our work cut out for us with our precious little girl!  She is starting to swat at us and it hurts!  So I will tell her to be gentle then she smiles, giggles and does it again!  So I take her hand and say NO at her with out smiling (which can be very hard) and she giggles even more!  I remember when Ayden was at this stage he would get very sad if we said No to him like that!  Not sure what this means but she is so cute when she does it I can't help to laugh sometimes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 Months Old!

I can not believe I am writing about Ahnie being 10 months old...  I have been putting off writing this post because I don't want to think about how big she is getting!

This past month she has not had many first but her personality is coming out more and more each day!  She is silly and loves to play!  Her favorite thing is for you to say "no no" and chase after her!  She can get crawling soooo fast!!!  She loves to empty the DVD shelf, and crawl into either the bathroom or through the gate into the kitchen.  In both places she knows right where to go to find water (the dog dish or the toilet).  What is it with my kids and the toilet?!? AJ grew out of that stage and she will to, I just didn't think she would ever find it since she is a girl... :)  Just wishful thinking on my part!

Our sweet little girl is very go with the flow and handles being different places each morning very well!  She is home two mornings with Brett, at Brett's parents one morning a week and she was at a friends house the other two mornings.  Now she will be going to another friends house and a college girl will come over and watch her and her friend Danica.  I am always very confident that she will do well when she is with others and usually new surroundings don't bother her to much.  She does get very excited for Brett or I to pick her up though!  We both love that big smile, excited noises and a quick crawl over to us!!  Nothing better than that after work!

Ahnie had her first ear infection this month.  She was on Amoxicillian and did good with that.  She does not like to take medicine very well but by the end of the ten days I had some good tricks to get to her take it!  The best idea I had was to give it to her while she was drinking her bottle...I would just put the syringe next to the nipple and she would drink it down!

She continues to eat well and she really will eat almost anything I give her!!!  She is starting to not drink her bottles very well but the doctor said it is because she is getting so much of her calories with food and not to worry about it!  I was relieved to know that and by looking at her you wouldn't think she is starving  :)

Ahnie is wearing 18 month clothes now.  Her hair is really starting to grow in right now too.  We have to put a clip in or put it in a ponytail every day!