Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 and 7 year olds responses to their teacher having a baby...

So I told my students about 3 weeks ago that I was going to have a baby and here are some of their radom responses since:

"Your to skinny to have a baby"

"Who's going to be my guest teacher and when do they start?"

"How do you find out your gunna have a baby anyways?"
My response - "The doctor tells you"

"Are you going to have a boy or a girl"
"We don't know yet but I will tell you when we find out"
"Maybe you will have a boy and a girl"
"So you think I am going to have two babies?"
"No just a boy and a girl"

Earlier this week we had been discussing needs and wants and I was expaining that you need to save for your wants and we have to spend our money first on needs. I was explaining that I have to save my money for things I want like more clothes that I don't need or getting my hair done and I said and even I have to save for some of the things for the baby. Well my students got a little worried! Many hands shot up and this is what was said:

"Mrs. Williams babies need things"
"Your right, who can tell me what babies need"

(my favorite) "You really need to buy a crib because some day you are not going to want to hold it and neither will your husband so you need to put the baby in a crib. If you don't Jacoby will probably jump all over it and hurt the baby!" (She was very concerned and these were her exact words!!)

Yesterday I was explaining that I would not be at school Monday morning because I had to go to the doctor and get a check up on the baby and make sure the baby was healthy.

"Are you ever going to bring this baby to school?"

"My mom just went to get a check up too and you are going to get this picture. It looks really weird and the picture will look black but don't worry your baby won't be black."

"Where do babies come from anyways?"
"I think you should go home and ask Grandma about that"
"Yeah, your right she would probably know, she did have 2 of her own"

(Same student a few minutes later)
"And I just want you to know Mrs Williams, when that baby is ready to come your gunna scream ALOT!"
"Yep because when the baby is ready it really hurts and all girls scream!"

And that is all so far. I hope you enjoy the stories and I am sure there will be many more especally when my tummy starts to grow bigger and they finally realize that I do have a baby in my tummy.